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The June 2010 Meeting of the Koch Network - aka Koch Strategy Group was held June 27&28 in Aspen, Colorado.

Koch Wiki

Charles Koch is the right-wing billionaire owner of Koch Industries. As one of the richest people in the world, he is a key funder of the right-wing infrastructure, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the State Policy Network (SPN). In SourceWatch, key articles on Charles Koch and his late brother David include: Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity, Stand Together Chamber of Commerce, Stand Together, Koch Family Foundations, Koch Universities, and I360.

List of participants

Before June 2010 - politicians, Supreme Court justices

On Koch Industries page, see Koch strategy retreat "attendees" section, for information on politicians and Supreme Court justices who've attended earlier meetings.

June 2010

Note: the geographic locations provided below may contain inaccuracies.

The June 2010 Koch strategy meeting attendees were:[1]

Name(s) Industry Notes
Jack Anderson and Rose Marie Anderson Finance Culver Corporation, Rose-Marie and Jack R. Anderson Foundation - Financial Advisor
Neil Anderson and Amy Fisher-Smith Runs Rose-Marie and Jack R. Anderson Foundation
Phil Anschutz and Nancy Anschutz Investment Industrialist, Owner, Weekly Standard , Examiner newspapers; Denver, CO
Cliff Asness Investment AQR Capital Management
Nate Bachman and Lynda Bachman Finance The Bachman Group, Cincinnati OH - Financial Advisor
Whitney Ball Think Tank Owner of DonorsTrust, a firm that enables anonymous gifts to front groups
Michael Barone Media Fox News
Frank Baxter and Kathy Baxter Banking Ambassador Frank E. Baxter is Chairman Emeritus of NYC-based Jefferies and Company , Inc., a global investment bank focusing on mid-cap companies. Overseer, Hoover Institution. Los Angeles CA
Steve Bechtel and Betty Bechtel Engineering Owns the Bechtel Group (Corporation), Largest engineering company in United States
Glenn Beck Media Fox News
E. Bernard Blasingame and Margaret Blasingame Manufacturing President and owner of Aqua Dynamics Systems (water purification), Adamsville, TN
Alan Boeckmann and Lisa Boeckmann Oil/Engineering/Construction CEO Fluor Corporation, Orange County, CA
Boysie Bollinger Shipping/Commerce Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Bollinger Shipyards in Louisiana and Texas (builds vessels for Coast Guard)
Patrick Broe and Paula Broe Real Estate Founder and CEO of Denver-based real estate asset management firm, The Broe Group
Arthur Brooks Think Tank President, American Enterprise Institute
David Brown and Ann Brown Think Tank, funder Heritage Foundation, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
John Bryan
Bob Buford and Martha Buford Oil C. Robert Buford has been President and owner of Zenith Drilling Corporation, Wichita, KS
Tim Busch Likely Irvine-based Timothy R. Busch, Pacific Hospitality Group CEO, Catholic University of America trustee, Legatus[1] (Catholic CEOs, Orange County & Napa chapters)
Shelby Bush and Nell Bush Energy Vice President, Legal and Administration – Hillwood Energy (a Perot company)
Tim Carney Media Political Columnist, Washington Examiner
Charlies Chandler and Marla Chandler Likely Charles Q. Chandler IV of Wichita KS-based Intrust Bank
David Chavern Lobbyist Executive Vice President and COO at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
John Childs Investment Insurance Chairman and CEO of J.W. Childs and Associates, Boston MA
Paul Clifton and Lea Clifton Runs Robert and Marie Hansen Family Foundation
Susie Coelhoe Media founder and CEO of Susie Coelho Enterprises Inc.
Bill Cooper and Kristin Tollefson Finance/Banking CEO of TCF Financial, Wayzata MI
Dino Cortopassi and Joan Cortopassi Stockton businessman
Joe Craft Coal Joseph W. Craft III is president, chief executive officer and director of Tulsa OK-based Alliance Resource Partners LP
Alex Cranberg Energy Denver-based Aspect Holdings , LLC – Chairman; University of Texas regent
Jeff Crank Americans For Prosperity / Radio Pundit AFP State Director
Karl Crow Policy Analyst Capital Research Center, Washington DC; Themis
Eric Crown and Isabella King Finance (venture capital) Technology Sales (?)Sell Technology Equipment Retired CEO, Insight Enterprises, Phoenix AZ
Kevin Crutchfield Coal Kevin S. Crutchfield serves as Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Coal Sales Co., LLC, Latrobe PA near Pittsburgh
Ravenell Curry and Beth Curry Likely Manhattan Institute trustee Ravenel Curry III.
Jim Dannenbaum and Shirley Dannenbaum Engineering Mr. Dannenbaum, Chairman of Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation, Houston, TX
Veronique de Rugy Think Tank Senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center
Rich DeVos and Helen DeVos Business Founder and CEO of Amway, near Grand Rapids, Michigan
Annie Dickerson Real Estate/Finance CB Richard Ellis analyst
Ned Diefenthal and Nancy Diefenthal Metairie, LA-based former owner of Southern Recycling
Jim Patterson and Dorothy Patterson Oil Gulf Stream Petroleum
Dan Peters and Kellie Peters Non-for Profit Daniel S. Peters is president of the Ruth and Lovett Peters Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio
Tom Petrie Banking Co-founder of BofA Merrill Lynch Petrie Divestiture Advisors
Dixon Doll and Carol Doll Technology Co-Founder and General Partner of Menlo Park CA-based Doll Capital Management(DCM)
Karl Eller and Stevie Eller Advertising The Eller Company billboards
Ron Erickson and Kris Erickson Retail Ronald A. Erickson is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Holiday Companies
Melvyn Estrin and Suellen Estrin Natural Gas Director of WGL Holdings INC
Dick Farmer Richard T. "Dick" Farmer is chairman of Cintas
Peter Farrell Biomed Founder of Resmed
Jim Ferrell and Zibbie Ferrell Fuel Oil Ferrellgas Partners , L.P. engages in the distribution and sale of propane and related equipment primarily in the United States.
Dave Fettig Natural Gas Tank Craft, Duracraft Fuel energy
Bob Fettig Natural Gas Tank Craft, Duracraft Fuel energy
Steve Fettig Natural Gas Tank Craft, Duracraft Fuel energy
Jerry Finger and Nanette Finger Investment management Managing Partner, Finger Interests LTD, Houston TX
Richard Fink Koch Industries Director of Georgia-Pacific , EVP of Koch Industries
Budd Florkiewicz and Lauri Florkiewicz Manufacturing Foam Fabricators, Scottsdale, AZ
Charlie Fote and Kaye Lynn Fote Finance Founder and CEO, Fotec Group LLC, Denver, CO
Randy Foutch and Jean Foutch Oil Chairman and CEO, Laredo Petroleum , Inc., Tulsa, OK
Foster Friess Investment Mr. Foster Stephen Friess is the Founder and Chairman of Friess Associates , LLC; was Executive Committee member for the far right Council for National Policy[2]
Steve Friess and Polly Friess Son and daughter-in-law of Foster Friess
Jerry Fullinwider and Leah Fullinwider Energy/Petroleum Vice Chairman, Hillwood International Energy, a Perot company (Ross Perot Jr. is Chairman) (in Texas, Kurdistan, Moscow, Amman)
Richard Gilliam and Leslie Gilliam Coal Richard Gilliam has been President of Norton, VA-based Cumberland Resources Corporation since 1993.
Susan Gore Think Tank Founder, Wyoming Liberty Group; her "multibillion dollar family company W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. developed the high performance fabric Gore-Tex... Her brother, David Gore, co-founded a similar think tank organization in Oregon called the Cascade Policy Institute in 1991"[2]
Oliver Jr. and Carolyn Grace Jr. Med and Telecom President and chief executive officer of Anderson Group , Inc.,
Judson Green and Joyce Green Energy and Med Mr. Judson C. Green is the President and Chief Executive Officer of NAVTEQ Corp.
Ken Griffin and Anne Griffin Investment Banking Founder and CEO of Chicago-based Citadel Investment Group
Gretchen Hamel Communications Head of 501(c)(4) Public Notice, founder of PR firm Endeavour Global Strategies; former press assistant for J.C. Watts of Oklahoma
Fred Hamilton and Jane Hamilton Oil Mr. Frederic C. Hamilton served as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of BHP Petroleum , Hamilton Oil Company and various Hamilton Oil Corporation subsidiaries and affiliates (Denver-based)
Bob Hawk and Mary Sue Hawk Venture capital CommunicationsTelecommunications, venture capital President of Hawk Communications (also Venture Partner at Doll Capital Management (DCM); "director of Covad Communications , Centillium Communications, and several private high-technology companies."
Dick Haworth and Ethie Haworth Retail Head of Holland, MI-based Haworth Furniture , Multi-national corporation, 3rd largest corporate furniture company in US
Robin Hayes and Barbara Hayes Government Former North Carolina Congressman
Dan Heard and Carolyn Heard Manufacturing Executive Officer of Louisiana-based John H. Carter Co.,
Diane Hendricks Manufacturing Husband of the late Ken Hendricks (ABC Supply Co., building materials)
Steve Hennessy and Regina Hennessy Auto Sales Auto Sales, Atlanta, GA
James Higgins and Heather Higgins Think Tank James Higgins is a fellow and trustee of the Claremont Institute, and a principal at NY-based investment mgmt firm New Vernon Capital LLC;
Heather Higgins is president and CEO of Independent Women's Voice, the 501(c)(4) sister organization of the Independent Women’s Forum
Paul Hill Oil Paul J. Hill serves as CEO and has been President of Harvard Developments Inc. since 1978; CEO and President of The Hill Companies; Regina, Saskatchewan
John Hotchkis and Joan Hotchkis Education, Finance Board of Directors for Teach for America UC Berkeley; Ramajal LLC, Hotchkis and Wiley
Allan Hubbard and Kathy Hubbard Chemicals and Manufacturing Founder and Chief Executive Officer, E & A Industries, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Stan Hubbard and Karen Hubbard Communications Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, St. Paul, MI-based Hubbard Broadcasting , Inc.
Ethelmae Humphreys Think Tank Cato Institute
Manley Johnson and Mary Johnson Political Consultant Manuel H. "Manley" Johnson served as the vice chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in the mid-1980s. Co-chairman and senior partner at DC-based financial market advisory firm Johnson Smick International
Merritt Johnson
Gerry O’Shaughnessy and Priscilla O’Shaughnessy Oil Gerald Eugene O’Shaughnessy Co-founded Geopark Holding Limited in 2002; Wichita, KS
Michael O’Shaughnessy Technology Petters Consumer Brands , LLC develops consumer electronics and appliances.
Tim O’Shaughnessy Media Hungry Machine , Inc., doing business as LivingSocial.com, is a social discovery and cataloging network.
Marshall Johnson
Kyle Johnstone and Kirsten Johnstone
Mike Kasser and Beth Kasser Real Estate President, Holualoa Inc
Ken Kendrick and Randy Kendrick Education/Technology Chairman, Datatel
Phil Kerpen and Joanna Kerpen Advocacy Group/Think Tank VP of Policy, Americans for Prosperity
Gerry Kingen and Kathryn Kingen Restauranteur Red Robin, Happy Guests International, Seattle WA
Scott Kirkpatrick Investor Owner/Partner of Jackson, WY-based Teton Capital Advisors
Charles Koch and Liz Koch Koch Industries
Chase Koch and Annie Koch Koch Industries
David Koch and Julia Koch Koch Industries
Elizabeth Koch Koch Industries
Bob Koch and Cindy Koch Koch Industries
Bob Kohlhepp Manufacturing/Services Vice Chairman, Cintas Corp.
Dennis Kuester Banking, Paper Dennis J. Kuester, retired CEO of Marshall & Ilsley Bank (M&I) in Milwaukee, WI; director of Wausau Paper
Andrew Kupersmith Consultant MD, Cardiology Consultants
Andre Lacy Investment Chairman, Lacy Diversified Industries, Indianapolis IN; board member, Patterson Companies(vet,dental,rehab)
Ken Langone and Elaine Langone Retail Invemed, Home Depot
Jay Lapeyre and Sally Lapeyre Services Laitram Corp
Ken Levy and Frayda Levy Investment JLM Investment Mgmt
Tom Love Retail CEO, President, Love’s Country Stores
Bob Luddy Manufacturing President, Captive Aire Systems
Fred Malek and Marlene Malek Investment Management Thayer Capital Partners
Elaine Marshall Homemaker
Pierce Marshall Administrative Management MAROPCO
Preston Marshall
Bill Mayer Health Care MD, Mayer & Cope Family Practice, NY
Glen Meakem and Diane Meakem Business Solutions CEO, Freemarkets Inc.
Ed Meese Think Tank Heritage Foundation
Lew Meibergen and Suzy Meibergen Goods/Services President, Johnston Enterprises/WG Johnston Grain Co
Don Meyers and Deede Meyers Attorney Self Employed
Jerry Milbank and Caroline Milbank Investment Management CEO/Principal, Milbank Winthrop & Co.
Jack Miller and Goldie Miller Retail CEO/President, Quill Corp.
Mark Mix Advocacy Group President, National Right to Work Committee
Joe Moeller and Mary Moeller Koch Industries Vice Chairman
Steve Moore Media member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board
David Murfin Energy President, Murfin Drilling Co.
Walter Negley and Suzette Negley Director of the Brown Foundation (from George Brown of Houston's Brown & Root construction)
Mina Nguyen
Larry Nichols and Polly Nichols Energy Executive Chairman, Devon Energy Corp
Sean Noble (??)Front Group
Political consulting
(??)Americans for Prosperity
Noble Associates (specializing in Campaign Management, Crisis Communications, Developing the Message, Grassroots Development & Deployment...), Phoenix AZ; Koch-supported Americans for Limited Government[3]
Tim Oelke and Teresa Oelke Advocacy Group/Construction Teresa – State Director of Americans for Prosperity , Tim – Crossland Construction Corp
Eric O’Keefe Front Group Sam Adams Alliance
Kurt Pfotenhauer and Nancy Pfotenhauer Media President of MediaSpeak Strategies/former political commentator on Fox News , CNN and MSNBC and former Senior Policy Advisor and National Spokesperson with the 2008 John McCain presidential campaign
Tim Phillips Advocacy Group president, Americans for Prosperity
Ramesh Ponnuru Media Columnist, National Review (magazine)
Art Pope and Kathy Pope Goods/Services Senior Exec, Variety Wholesaler; board member, Americans for Prosperity and John Locke Foundation; Pope Foundation
Russ Roberts Attorney? (wrong man, I think; Economist.) Roberts, Ashby & Parrish(if the attorney); George Mason University economics professor
Corbin Robertson and Barbara Robertson Energy Coal baron; President, Quintana Minerals Corp and Natural Resource Partners; director of global warming inaction front groups (& media campaign) CO2 Is Green and Plants Need CO2
Richard Roder and Karin Hsu Construction Management CEO, Cmt-Construction Management, Addison TX
Gary Rogers and Kathleen Rogers Goods Former CEO, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream
Durk Rorie Manufacturing United Air Specialists air purification systems, Cincinnati
Chris Rufer Goods/Manufacturing Morningstar Company (harvests, processes, cans, and ships most California tomatoes.)
Peter Schiff and Martha O’Brien Investor Schiff : Euro Pacific Capital Inc. (son of Irwin Schiff of the United States tax protester movement)
Steve Schwarzman and Christine Schwarzman Financial Services CEO/founder, Blackstone Group
Rick Sharp and Sherry Sharp Retail Former CEO, Circuit City
Mike Simmonds and Lin Simmonds Services CEO, Simmonds Restaurant Mgm
Peter Smith Services CEO, Services Group of America, Scottsdale AZ
Dick Strong Investment Services Strong/Corneliuson Capital Mgmt
Michael Sullivan Investment Services (???) CR Intrinsic Investors or not; since a
"Michael Quinn Sullivan is president and CEO of Empower Texans, and its premier project, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility."
Ray Thompson and Ladeline Thompson Manufacturing President/CEO, Semitool; Raymon F. Thompson owns the airplane that Tea Party Patriots Jenny-Beth Martin and Mark Meckler flew in to rallies, in 2010[4]
Lynn Tilton Investment Management CEO, Patriarch Partners LLC
Dave True and Melanie True Oil Partner, True Oil, LLC
Steve Twist Services
VP and General Counsel for Services Group of America, Scottsdale, AZ
Rose & Allyn PR Consultants
Jim Ehr and Gayla Von Ehr Research/Development CEO, Zyvex Corp
Rick Waller and Debra Waller Manufacturing Rick Waller owns Rollmeister Inc in Neenah, WI, serving the paper industry;
Debra Waller is CEO of Wisconsin-based underwear maker Jockey International, and spent five years on the Board of Directors for Marshall & Ilsley Bank[5] in Milwaukee, WI
Peter Wallison Think Tank Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Bill Walton and Sarah Walton Real Estate Allied Capital Corp
Lew Ward and Myra Ward Oil Ward Petroleum Corporation owns and operates wells. It engages in oil and gas exploration and production. The company was founded in 1963 and is based in Enid, Oklahoma.
Dick Weekley Real Estate Weekley Properties; chairman, Texans for Lawsuit Reform
Fred Wehba and Susie Wehba Real Estate LA-based private real estate investment firm BentleyForbes
Nestor Weigand and Darcy Buehler Real Estate JP Weigand & Sons Real Estate, Wichita, KS
Dick Weiss and Mary Beth Weiss Life Insurance? Investment? Wells Fargo and Hawthorne Ranch, near Chicago IL
Howard Wilkins and Rhonda Wilkins (??) Insurance C. Howard Wilkins Jr. founded Maverick Development Corporation (restaurant management), Wichita KS [3]; earlier, Pizza Hut, and ambassador to Netherlands


Diversified Insurance
Don Wills and Sue Wills Oil, Banking Partner in Wills Oil Company and Adams-Wills Oil Company, Texas
Larry Winnerman and Lorraine Winnerman Real Estate Win Win Enterprises, Aspen CO
Joe Woodford Manufacturing Woodford Manufacturing, Woodford Foundation, Colorado Springs
Earl Wright Finance AMG National Trust, Alliance for Choice and Education (ACE) trustee, Colorado
Karen Wright and Tom Rastin Energy/Manufacturing Tom Rastin, vice president of marketing and engineering, Ariel Corp (natural gas compressors, Ohio) – Karen Wright, Ariel CEO
Cliff Yonce and Susan Yonce Investment Banking Goldman Sachs
Fred Young and Sandra Young Manufacturing Services Fred Young Jr., Former Owner, Young Radiator Company of Racine, WI ; Cato Institute board member, trustee of the Reason Foundation
Diversified Search , LLC provides senior-level executive and corporate board search services in the United States and internationally. It provides recruitment services for various organizations in consumer and industrial, education, not-for-profit, arts and culture, financial and professional services, business, healthcare and human services, life sciences, media and entertainment, sports and leisure, energy and utilities, private equity, retail, and technology and communications industries.

Attendees' actions

Climate confusion - silent directorships

Coal baron attendee Corbin Robertson was a silent partner in a media and web disinformation campaign involving climate disinformation groups Plants Need CO2 and CO2 Is Green.

Tea Party - airplane provided

Tea Party Patriot leaders flew around the country to rallies in an airplane owned by attendee Raymon F. Thompson of Semitool.[4]

Americans for Prosperity - speech

"...underwear executive Debra Waller -- the Chief Executive Officer of Jockey International, Inc. -- revealed a lot about her opinions at the most recent annual convention of "Americans for Prosperity" (AFP) for its chapter in Wisconsin. ..."[5]

Campaign contributions - $35+ million

"Invitees to the June 2010* Koch Brothers meeting of conservative donors, media, and political figures have contributed at least $35 million to federal candidates, parties, and political committees over the past 20 years, according to Campaign Money Watch analysis of data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics."[6]

Articles and Resources


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