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Raymon F. Thompson, wealthy founder and former CEO of the semiconductor company Semitool, has ties to both the Tea Party Patriots and the Koch network: He owns the airplane used in 2010 by Tea Party Patriots Jenny-Beth Martin and Mark Meckler to fly to rallies[1], and he is listed among the June 2010 Koch network attendees[2].

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  1. Stephanie Mencimer (2010-10-28). A Secret Tea Party Donor Revealed. Mother Jones. Retrieved on 2010-11-12. “Who's paying for the plane?...Using publicly available flight-tracking information on the Internet and the schedule posted on the Tea Party Patriots website, we were able to determine the owner of "Patriot One." As Temple suggested, he is not exactly what you'd call a "grassroots" donor. His name is Raymon F. Thompson, and he's the founder and former CEO of Semitool, a semiconductor company he recently sold for $364 million.”
  2. Lee Fang (2010-10-20). MEMO: Health insurance, banking, oil industries met with Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck to plot 2010 election. ThinkProgress. Retrieved on 2010-11-12.

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