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Schumacher College "is a unique international educational institution. It provides individuals and groups from across the world with the opportunity to learn on numerous levels about subjects relating to environmental and social sustainability." [1] The College was set up by the Dartington Hall Trust.

"The College’s first teacher was James Lovelock, with" whom Stephan Harding "has maintained a long-lasting friendship and scientific collaboration that culminated in their joint appointment as chair holders of the Arne Naess Chair in Global Justice and the Environment at the University of Oslo." [2]


"The original team included Satish Kumar and Brian Nicholson. Newly recruited were Helen Challoner (to manage the food provision), Guy Claxton (an educational psychologist), Stephan Harding (a scientific ecologist) and Karen Thomas, who had recently completed her arts studies at Dartington College."

"After the review in 1993, the original staffing model – where the core faculty together ran the College – was replaced. In addition to an overall Director (Anne Phillips), there was a Director of Programmes (Satish Kumar) and one key academic (Stephan Harding) representing the central ecology focus of the work."

"One of their first students, Morag Gamble from Australia, first came in 1992. she returned in following years, and with her husband cofounded Crystal Waters College in Queensland, Australia, “which offers an holistic educcational experience based on Schumacher College. It also designs programmes for communities wishing to set up ecovillages, and Morag has taught such groups in twenty countries. She has also set up a City Farm in Brisbane and helped establish the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network. In 2003 she returned to Schumacher College to teach a course on ecodesign." [3]


The oldest course noted on their website at the end of 2008 was "Sacred Activism"(July 14-25, 2008) which was led by Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, and Starhawk. [4]


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Visiting teachers to Schumacher College 2011/2012

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Past Teachers

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