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Biographical Information

"Robin is an educator, facilitator and consultant in participative education, complexity science and sustainability. He specialises in using experiential activities for investigation, learning and communication. Robin has an MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College. He has worked as a sustainability educator for the last 10 years, teaches harmony singing and performance improvisation and was co-founder of Transition Leicester, applying a systems perspective to reviving local communities. He has more recently supported the Masters programmes at the College and now works freelance, acting to bring about change from a living systems view of the world. Website:" [1]

"Coming from a scientific, analytical background and doing a physics degree I understand the world from a logical perspective. But the more I studied and learnt about the world the more I realised that the simplified models that science uses to break the world down into comprehendible pieces have their limitations. A reductionist approach is often unreliable, and sometimes worst than useless, when working with highly interrelated systems such as organisms, ecosystems, economies and organisations." [1]

From Mon 22nd - Fri 26th July 2013 he is facilitating a course titled "The Economics of Happiness - Localisation" being run by Helena Norberg-Hodge. [2]

  • Facilitator, Schumacher College

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