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Vietnam Vets for the Truth was established May 24, 2004, by Larry Bailey, Treasurer, as a 527 political action committee (PAC). The stated web page address on the Federal Election Commission filing for the organization was KERRYLIED.COM.

Similar to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the VVT sought to discredit John Kerry ahead of the 2004 presidental campaign.

"wrapped up" and still collecting

According to an April 19, 2005, letter to the FEC signed by VVTF's chief executive officer Terry L. Garlock, the organization's operations were "completed" and the Delaware Secretary of State had been notified that the LLC's operations had been "wrapped up." The FEC accepted the VVT as terminated on May 3, 2005.

However, as "Mrs. Panstreppon, a very polite liberal," noted June 26, 2006, at TPM Cafe, Amanda P. Doss's "Operation Street Corner still solicits donations for Vietnam Vets for the Truth on its website and directs donors to mail their contributions to PO Box 458, Nash, TX 75569."


Jeff Epstein, a member of this organization, was involved in the dissemination of a photograph supposedly depicting Democratic Candidate John Kerry being honored as a hero to the Communist Vietnamese. [1] This was later proved to be false.

The picture is hanging on a wall in a section that commemorates renewed diplomatic efforts since the Vietnam War. The plaque does not mention Kerry by name. It says - "Mr. Do Muoi, Secretary General of the Vietnamese Communist Party met with Congressman and Veterans Delegation in Vietnam (July 15-18, 1993)." The photo was taken in 1993 when Kerry was in Vietnam as part of a delegation sent by President Bill Clinton.

Also, the museum is not the Ho Chi Min Musuem - it is located in Ho Chi Min City. The museum was formerly called "American War Crimes Museum". The museum contains bottles of fetuses that were supposedly affected by Agent Orange. There are other photos that show corpses and other attrocities from the war. During the 1990's the museum dropped "American" from the name and the official name is actual "War Remnants Museum".

Among others, this group operated the now-defunct web site.


Funding & Expenditures

The Center for Public Integrity's Silent Partners database on 527 committees notes that "this committee registered with the IRS but has not filed any reports of financial activity." [2]

See the April 19, 2005, letter signed by Garlock. In the letter, Garlock was following up on a phone conversation he had had that day with Adam Ragan at the FEC. Garlock stated that VVT had filed a termination report on March 31, 2005, and that the "527 environment was a minefield of uncertainty and confusion." Other images of FEC filings by VVT can be viewed by linking here.

FEC Disclosure Reports show expenditures made by VVT between April 2, 2004, and November 29, 2004, "Against the Candidate" John F. Kerry, as well as an alphabetical listing of contributions made to VVT.

Expenditures included $6,000 paid to BrabenderCox. See John Brabender, GOP media strategist.

Contact Information

Vietnam Vets for the Truth,
PO Box 49,
Mt. Vernon, VA 22121
Phone: (703) 799-0438
Email: larryklr AT

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