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Jeffrey M. Epstein (commonly known as Jeff) was a principal in the 527 political action committee (PAC) Vietnam Vets for the Truth and is now President of an organization called America's Truth Forum (ATF), which "operates in association with Basics Project, a non-partisan, non-profit" 501c3. The ATF was formerly known as the People's Truth Forum (PTF).

His bio on the PTF web site states that Epstein "accumulated over thirty years experience in mortgage banking, real estate, marketing, advertising and business management. During the Presidential Campaign of 2004, Jeffrey served as the media relations director for a '527' PAC (Political Action Committee). For his service, he was honored by the opportunity to address representatives of the media at the National Press Club in Washington. He has also participated, as a guest, on a number of nationally-syndicated radio shows and authored numerous politically-charged articles for publication." [1]

The following statement is attributed to Jeff Epstein: "The Vietnamese communists clearly recognize John Kerry's contributions to their victory," he said. "This find can be compared to the discovery of a painting of Neville Chamberlain hanging in a place of honor in Hitler's Eagle's Nest in 1945." [2]

In July 2005, CBS refused to run paid advertisements for PTF's Anti-Terror Conference.


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