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American Patriots Against John Kerry claims sponsorship of the anti-John Kerry "Prosecute Kerry" website. No other direct information has been found regarding the entity American Patriots Against John Kerry.

Linking the internet dots, however, connects the American Patriots Against John Kerry "sponsorship" with the Lookout Mountain, Tennessee publisher Publius Press, Inc., and the conservative online community which in 2005 split off from the Heritage Foundation and is now owned by Salem Communications Corporation.

The OnLine Action HQ

The "Online Action HQ" arrives at an official-looking page with a center banner which links to another page which states "Help to Promote ... Put these banners on your site and link to" JOHNKERRY-08.COM links to the "Prosecute Kerry" website.

It is obvious upon not-so-close scrutiny that official Kerry Edwards 2004 campaign banners have been electronically defaced. In the top banner, the word WEAKER has been added to the slogan. In the middle banner, the word FIGHT has been added to cover what was most likely the word JOIN. On the third banner, the logo along the lower edge has been altered to read: "Paid for and authorized by 2004, Inc." KERRY-04.ORG is also a web address that links to the "Prosecute Kerry" website.

On all three of these "banners" the image of the American flag has been inverted so that it appears to be flying upside down, an apparent attempt to either fool people into thinking that Kerry is involved in a gesture that is offensive to many Americans or to associate him with it.

The "Online Action HQ" page also shows a listing of three web links: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth;, which is a privately registered domain and there is no information provided as to its ownership; and Sportsmen for Kerry/Edwards?, which is an inactive link.

The Website

The "Prosecute Kerry" website is accessed via two URLs:
The registered owner of JOHNKERRY-08.COM is Michael Coleman, PO Box 507, Lookout Chattanooga, Tennessee 37350. Coleman is also listed as administrative and technical contact. The domain name was created January 18, 2006.

The "Contact Us" link at JOHNKERRY-08.COM arrives at a page which states that the "Media contact" for the website is jfk-04 AT (emphasis added).
The registered owner of KERRY-04.ORG, created February 11, 2004, is also Michael Coleman of Publius Press, Inc.
The FEDERALIST.COM link redirects to the web address for The Patriot Post, which is a publication of Publius Press, Inc.

The FEDERALIST.COM domain name was created October 9, 1998, by Publius Press, and the PATRIOTPOST.US domain name was created July 27, 2004, to Michael Coleman of Publius Press, Inc., P.O. Box 507, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402, Phone 423 822-1825/FAX 423 822-1826. The registrant's email address is given as Domains AT

Michael Coleman is Legal Editor of The Patriot Post. [1]

"Town Hall Citizen Organization"

The statement that The Federalist is a "Town Hall Citizen Organization" [2][3][4] does not make sense at first, since an organization or organizational group by that name cannot be found.

However, the phrase "Town Hall Citizen" appears at the bottom of the Washington College of Law Federalist Society web page. There are several embedded links there, including one that instructs "Go to the National Federalist Society Home Page." There is also an embedded connecting link within the statement "The Federalist Society is a Town Hall Citizen". The "Town Hall Citizen" link connects to the conservative website owned by Salem Communications Corporation.

Previously, was "affiliated with The Heritage Foundation" [5] but it "split off" in 2005 "to expand the scope of’s mission to inform, empower and mobilize citizens for political change." [6]


The link for "Contributions" to American Patriots Against John Kerry links to the "Please Support The Patriot page at The Patriot Post website. However, American Patriots is not mentioned anywhere on the web page.