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The Vets For The Truth (VFTT), organized in June 2006 by Larry Bailey, former president of Vietnam Vets for the Truth, claims to be a reorganization of the VVFT, which officially terminated its operations in April 2005. [1]

The VFTT is not registered with the Federal Election Commission or elsewhere as a political action committee and states at the bottom of each page on its website BOOTMURTHA.COM that it "is under Iowa Presidential Watch's 527 PAC which follows FEC rules and regulations."

As the VVFT focused on discrediting Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Forbes Kerry ahead of the 2004 presidential election, the VFTT seeks to discredit—what it terms "redeploy"— Representative John Murtha (D-PA) from the U.S. House of Representatives. As the VVFT disputed Kerry's military service during the Vietnam War, it seeks to derail Murtha in his bid for reelection in the 12th Pennsylvania District in the 2006 midterm election.

Because the VVFT's stated mission is to "redeploy" Pennsvylvanian John Murtha from Congress, it is unclear how the IPW legitimately provides cover for VVFT operations, particularly since the IPW's mission is Iowa-centric: The IPW states on its website that it was "first created because of the 2004 election and the fact that hordes of Democrats would be invading Iowa and offering up a one sided view about how our nation should be governed." Also see section "Contributions Confusion" below.

Organizational Notice

In the June 28, 2006, Free Republic posting "More Veterans Taking on Murtha", Larry Bailey announced the organization of VFTT:

"Warmest greetings from the organizing committee of Vets for the Truth (VFTT), which was established for the express purpose of assisting in the redeployment of John Murtha from the US House of Representatives. For the record, VFTT rose out of the 2004 campaign by Vietnam Vets for the Truth to inform the American voters of the lies told in 1971 about Vietnam military personnel by John Kerry. We had a great deal of success, especially in conceiving of and implementing Operation Street Corner, a program by means of which everyday citizens can make their political opinions known and point out the lies of John Kerry. VFTT intends to do the same thing in the case of what John Murtha has said about the U.S. Marines.
"I’ll update this 'column' from time to time as the 'Boot Murtha' campaign gets wheels and generates momentum. I just hope I have the ability to keep up, as things are moving faster than I expected!
"Thank you for checking in with us; now stay with us! We’re going to help Pennsylvania voters change their political landscape by telling the truth about Lying John Murtha!
"Larry Bailey."

Note: Operation Street Corner is the product of Amanda P. Doss.

"Boot Murtha" Campaign

Contributions Confusion

The VFTT BOOTMURTHA.COM website states that (1) it is operating under IPW's 527 Committee and (2) the "Boot Murtha Campaign" is being paid for by the IPW.

However, VFTT requests that checks made out to "Vets For The Truth" be sent directly to its North Carolina address or that contributors send funds via a PayPal account to murthalied AT for the VFTT-BootMurthaCampaign.

The domain name MURTHALIED.COM was registered by Amanda P. Doss on June 15, 2006. Doss was also listed as the administrative and technical contacts. The mail contact address is a post office box in care of Network Solutions. [2] The website was found to be inactive July 5, 2006.

Note that the Vietnam Vets for the Truth employed a domain named KERRYLIED.COM in its 2004 campaign.

Gathering of Eagles

Contact Information

Vets For The Truth
P.O. Box 291
Chocowinity, NC 27817


  • Email: lbailey AT
  • Roger Hughes, Chairman, Iowa Presidential Watch PAC and publicist, Boot Murtha Campaign
  • Email: publicist AT
  • Linda Eddy, Webmaster, Graphics and Editorial Cartoonist
  • Email: webmaster AT and cartoons AT
  • Email: webmaster AT
  • Email: osc AT

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