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The Iowa Presidential Watch PAC (IPW) was "first created because of the 2004 election and the fact that hordes of Democrats would be invading Iowa and offering up a one sided view about how our nation should be governed," its website states.


"Boot Murtha" Campaign

According to a notice on the bottom of each web page, the "Boot Murtha Campaign" of the Vets For The Truth (VFTT) is "Paid for by Iowa Presidential Watch PAC affiliated with Vets for The Truth."

The IPW website states that it is "happy to associate itself once again with key players in 'Vietnam Vets for the Truth,' the organization that worked closely with us in the 2004 election cycle. These veterans are now organized as 'Vets for the Truth' (VFTT) in their effort to keep John Murtha honest." (emphasis added)

A link on the IPW home page connects with the full announcement—"Announcing"—which is signed by Roger Hughes, Chairman of the Iowa Presidential Watch PAC.

Artistic License

This is the same Iowa Presidential Watch for whom "artist" Linda Eddy created a poster which "showed an American soldier with a little Iraqi girl in his arms, with the caption, 'She's glad he's there. Are you?' Ms. Eddy called the poster 'original artwork,' but it turns out it was a slightly (and badly) altered photo taken by Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj. And the 'girl' turned out to be a boy. 'She' also turned out to be decidedly un-glad about what had just happened." [1]

See more from PR Watch, David Flores blogspot, and Daily Kos. Scroll down on this Operation Homefront page to see non-altered version.

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