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This is the homepage for Congresspedia's 2006 election coverage. Click on the maps or links below to access the results of the general elections and profiles on the incumbents and challengers. This page will continue to be updated as contested races are called. Also see the links below the maps for coverage of election irregularities, robo-calls and other election issues.

Citizen journalists/local bloggers: The winners are mostly in, but help us continue to build the profiles of successful challengers and incumbents who represent your area. Also make sure those profiles link to your blog. Click here for more info.


House of Representatives

Current count: 201 Republicans, 231 Democrats are confirmed winners.

Click on a state below to see the specific races and candidate/incumbent profiles.
Color key—Shades of red or blue indicate the ratio of victors from the Republican and Democratic
parties, respectively. Gray states are undecided and the District of Columbia is disenfranchised.


Current count: 33 races: 9 Republicans, 21 Democrats, 2 Independent are confirmed winners.
Note: 67 senators are not up for election: 40 Republicans, 27 Democrats.
Caucus totals: 49 Republicans, 51 Democrats.

Click on a state below to see the specific races and candidate/incumbent profiles.
Color key—Red: Republican, blue: Democratic, green: Independents, white: no 2006 race,
grey: the District of Columbia (disenfranchised).

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State by state election listings

If you'd prefer, you can click on a name of a state below rather than using the map to find state-specific listings of each Senate and House of Representatives race, including bios of challengers and incumbents: