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Think Tank List Part Two: D-M

A quick reference for think tanks whose names begin with the letter D-M with url and some extra comments as noted in table.

Go Here for a quick expanation of the data.

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Think Tank List Data Table (D-M)

Think Tank Name Think Tank URL
Democratic Leadership Council see note
Development Group for Alternative Policies
Discovery Institute
Earth Justice
East- West Center
EastWest Institute
Economic Club of New York No url see note
Economic Policy Institute - Berman Group
Economic Strategy Institute
Electronic Industries Alliance
Electronic Policy Network see note - redirect
Employment Policies Institute - Berman Group
Employment Policy Foundation
Empower America -
Environmental Conservation Organization no url yet(defined as anti green)
Environmental Issues Council see note
Ethics and Public Policy Center
European Corporate Governance Institute- (ECGI)
Evergreen Foundation no url yet(defined as anti green)
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting- (FAIR)
Federation of American Scientists - (FAS)
Feminist Majority Foundation
Foreign Policy Association
Foreign Policy in Focus
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Foundation for Clean Air Progress
Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Fraser Institute
Free Congress Education and Research Foundation - see notes
Free Congress Foundation - see notes
Free Expression Project
Freedom Forum
Freedom House, Inc.
Frontier Centre for Public Policy
Frontiers of Freedom
George C. Marshall Institute
Global Action Plan see note
Global Climate Coalition
Global Climate Information Project No web url yet
Global Compact Partners
Goldwater Institute
Gorbachev Foundation of North America
Greening Earth Society
Healthcare Leadership Council
Heartland Institute
Henry L. Stimson Center
Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
Hudson Institute
Information Council for the Environment no url-definedantigreen
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis - (IIASA)
Independent Institute
Independent Women's Forum
Information Council for the Environment No web url yet
Institue Économique de Montéal No web url yet
Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies
Institute for Advanced Studies see notes
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
Institute for American Strategy see notes
Institute for Contemporary Studies
Institute for Defense Analyses
Institute for Fiscal Studies
Institute for International Economics
Institute for Middle East Peace and Development see note
Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy
Institute for Policy Analysis
Institute for Policy Research
Institute for Public Accuracy
Institute for Regulatory Policy tobacco industry front - see Sourcewatch Page
Institute for Research on Poverty
Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Institute for Women's Policy Research
Institute of Economic Affairs
Institute of Public Affairs
Institute of World Politics
Institute for Social Research
Interactive Applications Group, Inc
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews No web url yet
International Food Information Council
International Institute for Strategic Studies
International Intellectual Property Institute
International Relations and Security Network
International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL)
Israel Policy Forum
Japan Policy Research Institute
Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies
Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies
Joint Center for Poverty Research
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights - (LCCR)
Levy Economics Institute
Lexington Institute
Lincoln Laboratory at M.I.T. FFRDC
Logistics Management Institute
Ludwig von Mises Institute

Data Table Notes

Democratic Leadership Council is redirected to (New Democrats Online)

Economic Club of New York

Note: This org Should have a Stub
  • no url found
  • no sourcewatch stub
  • important policy org

list from just first page of a google search:

  • Speech by SEC Chairman: Remarks before the Economic Club of New York; by Chairman Harvey L. Pitt; U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; New York - June 26, 2002 [1]
  • Speech by SEC Chairman: Remarks Before the Economic Club of New York; by Chairman William H. Donaldson, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; New York City - May 8, 2003 [2]
  • Address at the Economic Club of New York; by Jose Aangel Gurria TreviÑo, Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico; New York, New York - March 11, 1998 [3]
  • Remarks to the Economic Club of New York; Rick Priory, Chairman, President and CEO, Duke Energy; November 04, 2002 [4]
  • General Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Economic Club of New York; Wednesday, 26 February 2003 [5]

Electronic Policy Network

url is redirected to Moving Ideas Network, url:, and is a project of The anerican Prospect (TAP) -

Environmental Issues Council

The url does not lead to the Environmental Issues Council, but insted to a bogus script site that looks supspiciously like a domain name placeholder, and the domins is listed as being owned by a Vincent Head, which also seems rather bogus after some poking around rdns style.

no other info presently

Free Congress Research and Education Foundation

Free Congress Research and Education Foundation and Free Congress Foundation are the same org. one or the other page should be a redirect

Global Action Plan

Institute for Advanced Studies

wherever I originaly scraped this organisation name from had it listed with a dash Princeton as a suffix to its name, but Princeton claims no direct affiliation to it, so i removed Princeton from its name. (they have many ties, just separated officially)

Institute for American Strategy

The data I found strongly indicates this is the same as The American Security Council Foundation -

Institute for Middle East Peace and Development

Possibly a one man think tank.

The Sourcewatch page offers very little data other than a reference to Dr. Stephen Philip Cohen, as the founder of the org. The main site of this page is The Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace

See Cohen reference for a detailed description of org.

There were also references to the org being affiliated with the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, but this is deeper into researching than i am willng to venture at this time.