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East-West Institute (EWI) was founded in 1980, and "is an independent and nonpartisan, action-oriented international organization addressing dangerous fault lines that threaten peace and security." They note that:

  • "We bring together leaders from government, business, military, media and other sectors of society in confidential and public dialogue to tackle intractable issues, build trust, reconcile disparate views and reframe issues.
  • "We position ourselves as an institution of choice through which state and non-state actors from the developing and developed worlds cooperate more effectively to prevent conflict and manage challenges posed by rapid global change.
  • "We identify, help develop and support emerging leaders from diverse professions to forge new solutions that enhance stability and security." [1]

George F. Russell, Jr. , Chairman, The Threshold Group


Accessed September 2007: [1]

Office of the President

  • Terri Cerveny, New York Center, Senior Director, Institutional Advancement and Director of the Endowment Campaign
  • Christopher Geier, New York Center, Executive Assistant to the President, Founder and CEO
  • Gail Manley, New York Center, Executive Secretary to the President, Founder and CEO
  • John Edwin Mroz, New York Center, Founder, President and CEO

Vice Presidents

  • Greg Austin, Brussels Center, Vice President, Director of the Global Security Program and Policy Innovation
  • Neville Bugwadia, New York Center, Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications
  • Ortwin Hennig, Brussels Center, Vice President and Head of the Conflict Prevention Program
  • Melvin Washington, New York Center, Vice President - Chief Operations Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Current Fellows

Accessed September 2007: [2]


Honorary Chairmen

Chairmen Emeriti

Directors Emeriti

Non-Board Members of Board Committees



Web: http://www.ewi.info

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