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The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) is according to itself:

BPC was formed to develop and promote solutions that would attract the public support and political momentum to achieve real progress. The BPC acts as an incubator for policy efforts that engage top political figures, advocates, academics and business leaders in the art of principled compromise. In addition to advancing specific proposals, the BPC also is broadcasting a different type of policy discourse that seeks to unite the constructive center in the pursuit of common goals.[1]

BPC was formerly named the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP), but the organization changed spots in 2002 (when the organization sought to position itself to lobby on a wider range of issues, especially foreign policy.

The proliferation of important titles like “Senior, Executive, President, etc.” should alert one to the fact that this is a lobbying organization with a secondary role of providing a sinecure to out-of-office government officials.

Critical Assessment

Justin Raimondo, the AntiWar columnist writes:

If the Israelis have launched a covert operation in this country designed to push us into war – not the first time such an effort has been made by a foreign power, and no doubt not the last – one can hardly blame them. They, after all, are simply doing what all nation-states everywhere do: pursuing their own national interests. One could certainly argue that Israel’s interests would not be served by such a war, but, really, that’s not my shtick, as they say: I’m concerned with what’s in America’s interests – which is what really puts me on the other side of the barricades from Makovsky and Rubin.
Covert operations invariably involve deception: front groups that aren’t what they appear to be, hidden interests that masquerade under false pretexts, and ostensibly "respectable" individuals who serve purposes other than those announced. This is what the Bipartisan Policy Center is all about.[2]

Hawkish on... Iran

One of the means for BPC to propagate its views is to place Opeds in the major newspapers. Philip Giraldi, the former CIA officer, comments on BPC:

The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) is surely one of the more bizarre pro-Israel think tanks doing business in Washington. Its sage advice pops up here and there, most recently in The Wall Street Journal, where it advocated giving Israel tanker aircraft so its warplanes can fly to Iran, bomb the hell out of that country’s nuclear facilities, and make it safely back. The BPC’s National Security Project is headed by Charles Robb, a former senator and governor from Virginia and living proof that you can fool most people more than once. Robb argues that enabling a devastating Israeli attack on Iran would create a credible deterrent to Tehran’s misbehavior and maintains that his judgment is derived from a “fact-driven consensus.”
The BPC claims to be bipartisan because it includes both Democrats and Republicans, but that does not mean that it is objective. More than three years ago it produced a “task force” report on the Iranian threat called “Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Policy Toward Iranian Nuclear Development.” It concluded that Iran has no right to enrich nuclear fuel for any purpose and predicted that Tehran would have sufficient highly enriched uranium in a year’s time to build a bomb. It advocated talking to Tehran to give it a chance to surrender on all key issues before attacking it, and it urged newly elected but not yet inaugurated President Barack Obama to build up forces for the assault. The task force recommended that the U.S. military should, after bombing Iran into submission, remain in the area, vigilant and ready to react to any attempt at retaliation by Tehran.[3]

And about the nature and origins of BPC, Giraldi concludes:

The BPC has plush offices on Eye Street in Washington, a sizable staff, and a number of important people on its masthead. It might be churlish to ask where its money comes from, but I would hate to embarrass someone as self-important as former senator and governor Charles Robb. The fact is that groups like BPC do a major disservice to the people of the United States because they promote themselves as nonpartisan and free of any particular political agenda when they are anything but. Their claimed objectivity is clearly a fiction, as they have been calling for military action against Iran for years, citing nonexistent threats and even speculating on the state of a nuclear program that does not exist. Their failure to include anyone who actually knows anything about Iran on their team and their choice to exclude anyone who might oppose a new war or be disinclined to think that all Muslims are potential traitors should tell us everything we need to know. It is a sad commentary on the state of the United States that ignorant, blowhard warmongers such as the BPC receive money, political support, and press coverage while groups that want to restore sanity and balance to American foreign policy are forced to scramble to raise nickels and dimes. [3]

Principals and Staff 2012

Board of Directors
Jane Garvey BPC Chair Dennis Archer Sheila Burke
John C. Danforth Larry Higby Charles Robb
Frances Fragos Townsend Mark Walsh Jason Grumet BPC President
Norman R. Augustine Ralph Cavanagh Mark W. Heising
Walter Isaacson John W. Rowe Charles F. Wald (USAF General ret.)
BPC: About Us: Board of Directors [4]
Howard Baker Tom Daschle Bob Dole
George J. Mitchell
BPC: About Us: Founders [5]
Governors' Council
Phil Bredesen Brad Henry Mike Rounds
Jim Douglas Linda Lingle Ted Strickland
BPC: About Us: Governors' Council [6]
Steering Committee: Strategic Public Diplomacy Initiative
Zainab Al-Suwaij Peter Berkowitz Jared Cohen
Paula Dobriansky Michael Doran Aaron Lobel
Joseph Nye Preston Padden Rob Satloff
BPC: About Us: Board of Steering Committee[7]
Senior Fellows
Robert F. Bennett Byron L. Dorgan Dan Glickman
Trent Lott Pete V. Domenici Bill Frist
James L. Jones
BPC: About Us: Senior Fellows [8]
Jason Grumet President Julie Anderson Senior VP David W. Conover Senior VP
Denise Devenny VP of Operations Martha Houle VP of Dev. Eileen McMenamin VP of Communications
Michele Stockwell VP of Public Policy and Exec. Director, BPCAN Loren Adler Policy Analyst Shai Akabas Policy Analyst
Margot Anderson Exec. Director of the Energy Project Alice Ankamah Admin. Asst. Julie Barnes Director of Health Policy
Jeremy Bayer Director of Corporate Partnerships Pat Beautz Director of Information Technology Steve Bell Senior Director of the Economic Policy Project
Paul W. Bledsoe Senior Advisor Neta Bozman Database Admin. Abbey Brandon Admin. Asst.
Sara Bronnenkant Dev. Coordinator Grace Campion Policy Analyst Mackenzie Case Dev. Asst.
Yadira Castellanos Exec. Asst. Ashley Clark Press Secretary Rebecca Cohen Senior Policy Analyst
Kimberly Dean Senior Advisor, BPCAN Joann Donnellan Media Consultant Charlie Eder Senior Events Manager
Bob Edmonds Senior Military Fellow Tricia Ferrone Exec. Asst. to the President Jane Flegal Policy Analyst
John C. Fortier Director of the Democracy Project Emil H. Frankel Visiting Scholar Katie Golden Project Asst.
Nate Gorence Assoc. Director for Energy Innovation Alex Gray Policy Analyst Laura Hall Senior Legislative Asst., BPCAN
Hal Harvey Visiting Scholar Emily Hawkes Director of Administration Zachary Hastings Hooper Director of Public Affairs
Meredith Hughes Policy Analyst Gregory Johnson (USN Admiral ret.) Senior Advisor Colleen Kelly Policy Analyst
Ronald Keys Senior Advisor Joe Kruger Director for Energy & Environment Eric Larson Project Asst.
Allison Levy Policy Analyst Lourdes Long Senior Policy Analyst Lisel Loy Director of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative
Alyssa Loy Events Asst. Ben Ludwig Legislative Asst., BPCAN Jennifer Macedonia Senior Advisor
Michael Makovsky Foreign Policy Director Marissa McCauley Admin. Asst. Meghan McGuinness Assoc. Director for Energy & Environment
Blaise Misztal Assoc. Director Elena Muehlenbeck Controller Peter R. Neumann Visiting Scholar
Pamela Hughes Patenaude Director of Housing Policy Jerome Powell Visiting Scholar Arnold L. Punaro Visiting Scholar
Leah Ralph Policy Analyst Hope Richardson Project Asst. David Rosner Assoc. Director for Energy Security
Nikki Rudnick Assoc. Director, Housing Jonathan Ruhe Senior Policy Analyst Amelia Shister Admin. Asst.
Jessica Smith Project Coordinator Gordon Somers Facilities Coordinator Rob Strayer Director of the National Security Preparedness Group
Michael Stubel Web Producer Tracy Terry Director for Energy Security Emily White Events Coordinator
Donald R. Wolfensberger Resident Scholar Lazaro Zamora Admin. Asst.
BPC: About Us: Staff [9]

BPC: Former Principals and Staff



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