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In July 2003, CODEPINK: Women for Peace established the International Occupation Watch Center:

"Given the lack of reliable, up-to-date information about conditions in Iraq under the occupation, and knowing that Iraq will receive increasingly less attention as media sources abandon the country for the newest hot spot, an international coalition of peace and justice groups opposed to the occupation is launching the website and organizing a Baghdad-based International Occupation Watch Center."

The Center will:

  • Monitor the role of foreign companies in Iraq and advocate for the Iraqis' right to control their own resources, especially oil;
  • Act as a watchdog regarding the military occupation and U.S.-appointed government, including possible violations of human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly;
  • Research the dynamics, programs, and composition of the Iraqi movement to resist occupation in order to provide a more comprehensive picture to the international community;
  • Support independent Iraqi organizations, such as media and environmental groups;
  • Examine any changes in the rights and freedoms of Iraqi women and support local Iraqi efforts to promote women's rights;
  • Monitor the relationship between U.S. corporations/subcontractors and Iraqi workers and support the formation of independent trade unions;
  • Track the international community's financial commitments to rebuilding Iraq and hold the responsible parties accountable for those commitments;
  • Monitor the physical impact of the U.S. invasion, including civilian casualties, the Iraqis' ability to have access to the basic necessities of food, water and shelter, and the effects of depleted uranium and cluster bombs on the population and the environment;
  • Regularly provide reliable information to the outside world.
  • Host international delegations coming to Iraq with purposes compatible with the center's mission.


"This project, with initial funding by the US coalition United for Peace and Justice and set up by CODEPINK is seeking help from the international community to finance, run and disseminate the information from the Center."

Advisory Board (as of June 2003)


"To reach the Occupation Watch Center staff in Baghdad, email or To reach us in the United States or for website ideas and comments, email or call Andrea Buffa at Global Exchange, (415) 255-7296 x263."


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