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INTERIGHTS "is a UK-registered charity established in 1982. It aims to enforce human rights through law, providing protection and redress, in particular regions and on issues of strategic focus; to strengthen human rights jurisprudence and mechanisms through the use of international and comparative law; and to empower legal partners and promote their effective use of law to protect human rights. It supports lawyers, judges, NGOs and victims on the ground by tailoring activities in response to the needs of each group and region. It works across the developing and developed world, with regional programmes in Africa, Europe, South Asia and the Commonwealth, and cross-cutting thematic programmes focusing on equality, liberty and security and economic, social and cultural rights." [1]

Partner Organizations Has provided funding to DITSHWANELO

Supporters [2]

Directors [3]

  • Lord Lester of Herne Hill - Honorary President, Barrister, Blackstone Chambers
  • Jeremy McBride - Chair, Barrister, Monckton Chambers
  • Ashun-Sarpy - Treasurer
  • Chaloka Beyani - Lecturer in International Law and Human Rights, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Christine Chinkin - Professor of International Law, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Helena Cook - Deputy Director, Human Rights Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Tim Eicke - Barrister, Essex Court Chambers
  • Michael Griffin - Former partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Professor Sir Bob Hepple QC, Barrister, Blackstone Chambers; professor emeritus, Clare College, Cambridge
  • Anne Lapping - Brook Lapping Productions
  • Neville Linton - Consultant in Political Affairs; former official, Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Alexandra Marks - Solicitor; Partner, Linklaters
  • Rachel Murray - Reader in Law, University of Bristol

Advisory Council [4]

  • Lord Anthony Lester of Herne Hill QC - is Honorary President of INTERIGHTS, (UK) Barrister; Member of the House of Lords
  • Phillip Alston - (Australia) Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University; UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions
  • Florence Butegwa - (Uganda) Advocate; specialist in women's human rights and co-founder of Women in Law and Development (Africa)
  • Ewa Eliasz - (UK) Barrister; Former advisor to Solidarity in Poland; consultant on Eastern Europe
  • Roger Errera - (France) Conseiller d'Etat; member of the Conseil supérieur de la magistrature
  • Yash P. Ghai - (Kenya) Member of the English Bar; Professor of Law, Universities of Warwick and Hong Kong
  • Asma Khader - (Jordan) Minister of State and Government Spokesperson; Lawyer
  • Viviana Kristicevic - (Argentina) Executive Director of the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL), New York.
  • Harold Koh - (USA) Dean, Yale Law School
  • Marek A. Novicki - (Poland) President of the Polish Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights; former member, European Commission on Human Rights
  • Kate O'Regan - (South Africa) Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa
  • Sonia Picado - (Costa Rica) President of the UN Voluntary Trust for Victims of Torture; Advocate; former judge of the Inter-American Court
  • Gerard Quinn - (Ireland) Professor of Law at the National University of Ireland, Galway; former vice-president of the European Social Charter Committee
  • Mary Robinson - (Ireland) President, Ethical Globalization Initiative; former President of Ireland; former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Martin Scheinin - (Finland) UN Special Rapporteur on Terrorism and Human Rights; Professor of Constitutional and International Law and Director of the Institute of Human Rights at Abo Akademi University, Finland
  • Suriya Wickremasinghe - (Sri Lanka) Barrister, Attorney-at-Law



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