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The stated mission of GOPUSA is "to spread the conservative message throughout America. ... GOPUSA strives to educate, enlighten, and engage conservatives through a host of features and services including news, online discussions, commentary, activism, outreach, and information. ... Through a host of products and services, GOPUSA is committed to providing conservatives with news, information, commentary, education, activism, and community both online and in person." GOPUSA says that it strives "to be the first source Republicans and conservatives turn to for news and information, both at the state and national levels" and that "All content, products, and services delivered by GOPUSA reflect our dedication to professionalism, quality, and innovation." [1]


Karen Brooks, wrote in the February 11, 2005, Dallas Morning News:

"Founded by a young, Texas-based board of directors, GOPUSA has half a million subscribers and sends Talon News stories to its audience daily.
"Among the founding members of GOPUSA are Richard Powell, a former policy adviser to Gov. Rick Perry; Bill Fairbrother, chairman of the Williamson County GOP; and Steve Findley, a member of the state GOP's executive committee.
"GOPUSA began about five years ago with 400 subscribers," Bobby Eberle said.
"A native of Chicago who moved to Texas at age 11, Eberle, now 36, went to Texas A&M and worked as an aerospace engineer while he developed GOPUSA. Now, he said, the sites are his full-time job.
"Both sites make money from advertisements, Eberle said."

Regarding the "Millions of Americans website, formerly owned by Bruce W. Eberle but now owned by [his brother] Bobby Eberle," Blogspot Why Are We Back In Iraq? reported February 16, 2005: "... As one of its services, MOA charged conservative Websites a fee to send out e-mails to all of it's subscribers (many of the subscribers were unaware of this) and promote it. ... If you went to the MOA Website a year ago, you would have seen this ...wonderful offer:

"291,000 Conservative opt-in email names
"Millions of Americans is one of the premier conservative websites, started by conservative activists for conservative activists; MOA represents a one-stop source for conservative news, information, online petitions, polls, and more. Most recently 67,000 brand new MOA activists have signed a petition to Congress to introduce a constitutional amendment to protect the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as opted in to receive email on furthering the conservative cause. Other issues these activists have gotten behind are: During the presidential election standoff 335,000 signed petitions to Florida election officials urging certification for Bush When that was accomplished 282,000 signed a petition urging Al Gore to concede Later 275,000 signed a petition to hasten confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General.
"Get these conservative activists behind your cause today.
"Many top conservative organizations have already used this list, call for additional usage or any other information. For a sample MOA email go to and click on ‘Sample MOA email.’
"Royalty Rate $30/M with a $500 minimum order 20% commission to recognized brokers & agencies."

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Note: Deidre and Ted Delisi, and Delisi Communications, are or have been connected with Texas Gov. Rick Perry. At this time, their connection with GOPUSA, if any, is unknown.

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