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Alliance for Democracy in Iran is a Washington D.C.-based group, which lists the Hudson Institute as a partner, and is advocating sanctions against Iran.

The Alliance for Democracy in Iran, is "strategically located in the heart of the capital's think-tank quarter," admires the American Enterprise Institute, and enjoys support from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's Jerome Corsi. [1] Their efforts to promote democracy are likely to be strongly influenced by the most prominent democracy promoting organization, the National Endowment for Democracy.


AFDDI lists its partner organisations as including:


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ADI's connection with The Iran Freedom Foundation

Two internet domain names for the Alliance for Democracy in Iran were registered by an individual connected with another Iran-related lobby group, the Iran Freedom Foundation, according to the WHOIS database as of early February 2005:

  • The address of the Alliance's main website,, was registered by the IFF on October 14, 2004 [2].
  • According to the Alliance's website, "In February, the Iran Accountability Project (, the Alliance’s information service, will also be launching into cyberspace. This site will be a valuable resource for news on Iran." [3] The domain name was registered by Behrouz Bayat of the IFF on August 18, 2004 [4].

There is an apparently separate, much older lobby group with the same name: see Iran Freedom Foundation (Maryland).

Contact details

Alliance for Democracy in Iran
1000 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202.861.2222
Fax: 202.861.2299
Email: info AT

Note that the website at also claims to belong to the "Alliance for Democracy in Iran". However, as of February 10, 2005, it just displays "This site is under construction". It is not clear if this internet address is associated with the organization described in this article.

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