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The United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is an "independent, non-profit American organization, whose purpose is to facilitate business and cooperation between the American people and the people of Azerbaijan," its website states. USACC is a nonprofit corporation in the District of Columbia and is recognized as a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.


The stated goals of the USACC are:

  • To facilitate and encourage trade and investment in Azerbaijan;
  • To provide a forum for members to interact with policy makers from Azerbaijan and the United States as well as with non-governmental experts.
  • To serve as a liaison with governmental and non-governmental entities, business organizations, think tanks, and to encourage cooperation and information exchange;
  • To provide reliable information and networking services and create an environment where partnerships and exchanges thrive;
  • To sponsor educational programs, trade missions, seminars, conferences and publications to foster cultural and business interests;
  • To create more understanding and knowledge about the Republic of Azerbaijan in the United States through the Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center; and
  • To develop and maintain humanitarian programs for the refugee population of Azerbaijan.


See current list[1] of USACC members.

Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center

The USACC also owns and operates The Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center, which is a "four-story historic building ... located in the heart of Georgetown at 1212 Potomac Street." The Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center was inaugurated by His Excellency Heydar Aliyev, President, Republic of Azerbaijan on September 11, 2000.


The following are officers of the USACC.[2]

Honorary Council of Advisors

Former members

Chairman Emeritus

Co-Chairmen of the Board

Board of Directors

"The business affairs of USACC are managed by its Board of Directors which is composed of distinguished individuals with an interest in the U.S.-Azerbaijan relationship.[2]

Former members of the Board of Directors

Board of Trustees

"The USACC Board of Trustees is a group of Americans and Azerbaijanis interested in promoting friendship, cooperation and commerce between the American people and the people of Azerbaijan. The Board of Trustees offers its recommendations to the USACC Board of Directors on all matters related to the Chambers programs and activities.[2]

Former members Board of Trustees


Former officers

Contact information

US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce
1212 Potomac Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone: 202 333-8702
Fax: 202 333-8703
E-mail: chamber AT



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