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Voice of America radio began brodcasting on February 24, 1942. VOA is a multimedia broadcasting service funded by the United States government with a budget of $151 million in 2004. News and informational programs with are produced and internationally broadcast in 44 languages through AM, FM and shortwave radio. VOA and also produces satellite television and Internet relayed programs and content. VOA is overseen by the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

"In the midst of World War II, ... William Benton, then assistant secretary of State and later a senator from Connecticut, came up with the idea of the Voice of America (VOA). One day, he described the VOA, which transmitted by shortwave radio, to RCA Chairman David Sarnoff, the tough-minded and passionate pioneer of American broadcasting. Sarnoff noted how little electronic power and transmitter scope the VOA had, then said, "Benton, all you've got here is the whisper of America."" [1]

The Iraq Crisis Bulletin

Samuel Gardiner found a "'strange website' called The Iraq Crisis Bulletin, which offered daily updates and reports from around the world. The site was recommended by the American Press Institute but there was 'absolutely no indication of the sponsor of the site.' With a little research, Gardiner discovered that 'the articles were [written] by Voice of America correspondents.'

"The problem with this, Gardiner notes, is that 'the Voice of America is prohibited from doing communications for the American press. But, during Gulf II, it was getting the message to them.' The VOA refused to respond to Gardiner's requests for information on The Iraq Crisis Bulletin." [2]

The Bulletin archives contains articles dating from March 14 through April 16, 2003.

The "news source" for the Bulletin is cited as the International News E-Wire Service. No active link can be found for INEWS and it appears to be only affiliated with the Bulletin.

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Voice of America
330 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20237
Telephone: (202) 401-7000.
Email: publicaffairs AT voa.gov
Web Site: http://www.voanews.com
Radio frequencies: http://www.voa.gov/index.cfm?sectionTitle=Shortwave%20Frequencies

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