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ARTICLE 19 "is an international human rights organisation which defends and promotes freedom of expression and freedom of information all over the world." [1]

"ARTICLE 19 is a registered UK charity (UK Charity No. 327421) and a charitable company based in London with international staff present in Africa, Latin America and Canada. We are supported by contributions from individuals, foundations and governments worldwide who share a commitment to freedom of expression.
"Founded in 1987, ARTICLE 19 was the brainchild of Roderick MacArthur, a US philanthropist and journalist." [1]

ARTICLE 19 is also a founding member of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange. Colloborates with the Media Foundation for West Africa.


Received some support from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy

According to the National Endowment for Democracy project database in:

  • 1996 they received £15,000 "to provide legal support for the independent media in Croatia during 1995, by holding a workshop for media freedom lawyers, and by sending three trial observers for court actions involving the media in Croatia."
  • 1997 they received £3,300.00 "to part fund Article 19 and its partner, the Belarus League for Human Rights, to research, publish and distribute a report on freedom of expression in Belarus, particularly in relation to the media, in May and June 1996."
  • 1997 they received £7,632 "to part-fund travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for 10 Estonian and northwest Russian participants at a 5-day seminar entitled 'Transfrontier Pilot Scheme' in July 1997 in Helsinki, organised by Article XIX for the Council of Europe's Democratic Leadership Programme to strengthen the political skills of young political leaders."

Received some support from Rights and Democracy

According to the National Endowment for Democracy project database in 1997 they received $10,000 "to produce a comprehensive summary report following the 53rd Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights. This report is made available to NGOs and governments, and is used by the Centre, as well as by the Network of Canadian NGOs on International Human Rights."


Former Executive Director

Africa Programme

Europe/ Asia Programme

Latin America Programme

Middle East & North Africa Programme



International Advisory Board



6-8 Amwell Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7278 9292
Fax: +44 20 7278 7660
Email: info AT Web:

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