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CARE International (not to be confused with Christian Action Research and Education) "is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. Non-political and non-sectarian' they "operate each year in more than 65 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, reaching more than 50 million people in poor communities." [1] "CARE traces its roots back to the days immediately following World War II when 22 American organizations combined forces to rush emergency food rations in the form of 'CARE packages' to war-torn Europe." [2] Member of the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response.

In 2004 CARE International supported projects worth over US$622 million 2004 Annual Report.

Former president - Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser [3]

On June 28, 2007) CARE International selected Dr. Robert Glasser to be its new Secretary General, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Glasser will took over from Denis Caillaux, who held the post for nearly five years. [4]

"CARE International is a confederation composed of twelve national Members, each being an autonomous non-governmental organization in its own right." [5]

"Care International, a relief agency, has a budget... larger than the UN Food and Agriculture Organization." [6]

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Directors (2011)

Accessed September 2011: [1]

Directors (2006)

CARE International General Assembly Members (in addition to the CI Board of Directors) include:

Public member(s) include Ruth Cardoso (Brazil) Source




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