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World Vision International "is a Christian relief and development organisation working for the well being of all people, especially children. Through emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and promotion of justice, World Vision helps communities help themselves.

"Established in 1950 to care for orphans in Asia, World Vision has grown to embrace the larger issues of community development and advocacy for the poor in its mission to help children and their families build sustainable futures.
"Working on six continents, World Vision is one of the largest Christian relief and development organisations in the world." [1]

"In 2005,World Vision:

  • Served more than 100 million people
  • Worked in 96 nations
  • Directly benefited 2.7 million children through child sponsorship
  • Raised $1.97 billion (US) in cash and goods for its work
  • Employed 23,000 staff members" [2]

  • Kevin Jenkins, president and chief executive officer
  • Dean Hirsch, former president and chief executive officer (1996-2009)

Member of InterAction.

  • Victor W. C. Hsu is the National Director of the DPRK Program at World Vision International.

From 1993 to 1998, Andrew Natsios was vice president of World Vision U.S. [3] "Richard E. Stearns became President of World Vision U.S. in June 1998." [4]

Dean R. Hirsch was president of World Vision International in 2002 and he still is in 2007.[5]


"Almost 80 percent of World Vision's funding comes from private sources, including individuals, corporations and foundations. The remainder comes from governments and multilateral agencies. Aside from cash contributions, World Vision accepts gifts-in-kind, typically food commodities, medicine, and clothing donated through corporations or government agencies.

"Approximately half of World Vision's programmes are funded through child sponsorship. Individuals, families, churches and groups are linked with specific children or specific community projects in their own country or abroad. Sponsors pledge a certain amount each month to the support of these children or projects. Child sponsorship seeks to address the root causes of poverty and suffering so a child can enjoy as full a life as possible." [6]

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