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"Three Stone Hearth was founded in June 2006 by a cooperative of five worker-owners: Porsche Combash, Misa Koketsu, Jessica Prentice, Catherine Spanger, and Larry Wisch, after a year of meeting and joint business planning. Our original location was at the north end of Aquatic Park in West Berkeley, where we operated from June 2006 until December 2008, when we moved to our current space on University Avenue. Co-founder Larry Wisch passed away in May 5, 2012." [1]

Business Advisory Board

"The Co-Founders of Three Stone Hearth formed a Business Advisory Board to help us create a long-range business plan. We are very blessed to be helped by the following experienced experts in charting our course for the future:" [2]

  • Zenobia Barlow — Executive Director and co-founder of the Center for Ecoliteracy
  • Emmanuel Briand – Co-founder of iParadigms and regular customer of TSH
  • Dayle Cosway – Food and gardening entrepreneur, experienced business consultant, former apprentice at TSH
  • Ari Derfel — Co-founder of Back to Earth Catering and Gather Restaurant, Executive Director of Slow Money
  • Robert (Bob) Gerner — Co-founder of Westbrae Natural Foods and the Natural Grocery Company, business ally and customer of TSH
  • Roderick (Rod) Kiracofe – Author, long-term customer, initial investor in TSH
  • Janelle Orsi – Author, lawyer, co-director of the Sustainable Economies Law Center, legal advisor to TSH
  • Kristina Sepetys – Retired economist, writer specializing in food and sustainability issues, business planning advisor to TSH
  • Dana Towsey – Experienced business analyst and financial advisor to TSH



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