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WARNING! Sewage sludge is toxic. Food should not be grown in "biosolids." Join the Food Rights Network.

Ron Alexander is president of R. Alexander Associates, Inc. This consulting company specializes in providing advice about the marketing of sewage sludge for gardening. Sewage sludge is often deceptively promoted as "organic biosolids compost" to consumers.

Alexander is also a consultant for Garick Solutions, a sewage sludge composting and alternative energies company based in Cleveland, Ohio. According to the Garick website, "the team has experience in many facets of the industry, including biosolids, composting, recycling, wastewater, and others."

Mission Statement

This firm describes itself as "an environmental consulting company," based in Apex, North Carolina. [1]

USDA Funding for Compost Marketing Video

In spring 2011, Alexander appeared in a marketing video for the sewage sludge industry with Rod Tyler, whom the video described as a "compost gardener." Tyler is, however, the CEO of Filtrexx International, a sewage sludge industry company that creates products derived from sewage sludge, misleadingly labeled as "biosolids compost."

The video encourages consumers to use municipal sewage sludge as compost for their yards and gardens. The video was funded by a USDA grant and presented by the US Composting Council, the University of Hawaii and the Rodale Institute. The USDA's chief soil scientist is Rufus Chaney, a prominent sludge promoter. The video can be seen here: - Using Compost for Landscape and Nursery Production: A production of the US Composting Council and the Rodale Institute, with partners R. Alexander Associates, Inc. and Filtrexx International

Connections with BioCycle Magazine

Alexander has attended and spoken at numerous BioCycle Magazine conferences. BioCycle is a front publication for the sewage sludge industry.

Alexander published his first book, The Practical Guide To Compost Marketing And Sales, in 2003. BioCycle printed and sold the second edition of Alexander's book, released in April 2010. BioCycle advertised Alexander's book prominently throughout the industry publication.

Contact Info

Ron Alexander

R. Alexander Associates, Inc.

1212 Eastham Drive Apex, NC 27502 USA

Office telephone : 919-367-8350

Office Fax : 919-367-8351

Mobile telephone : 919-349-0460

E-mail : alexassoc [at]

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