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WARNING! Sewage sludge is toxic. Food should not be grown in "biosolids." Join the Food Rights Network.

Rod Tyler is the CEO of Filtrexx International. Filtrexx International is a sewage sludge compost company based in Grafton, Ohio.[1]

Sewage Sludge Industry Connections

Filtrexx uses sewage sludge to create what the company refers to as "locally made, annually renewable, biobased, recycled compost and other organic materials, contained by our USA manufactured mesh containment system to create patented products used around the world." The company specializes in using sewage sludge-derived products and other recycled "organics" to prevent erosion.[2]

Filtrexx openly acknowledges "partnerships"--whether that indicates funding or research collaboration is unclear--with many well-known proponents of growing food in sewage sludge on it website, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Composting Council, BioCycle Magazine and the USDA.

Tyler's Appearance in "Using Compost" Video, Promoting Sewage Sludge "Compost"

The video titled "Using Compost for Landscape and Nursery Production" is "A production of the US Composting Council and the Rodale Institute, with partners R. Alexander Associates, Inc. and Filtrexx International." Funding apparently came from the United States Department of Agriculture (via USDA CSREES Grant 91-COOP-1-6159). Also involved is the University of Hawaii. It promotes making "compost" with sewage sludge, which in the video is called by the PR euphemism "biosolids."

The online hosts are Ron Alexander of R. Alexander Associates, Inc., described as a "leading compost marketer," and Tyler, Filtrexx International CEO, with the misleading title, "America's compost gardener." Both promote sewage sludge compost, as of course does the Us Composting Council.

USDA chief soil scientist Rufus Chaney is a long-standing advocate of putting sewage sludge on food-growing land. The closing credits report that the "compost" used in the video was "supplied by Lehigh County Office of Solid Waste Management Composting Facility and the Rodale Institute Experimental Farm."

Additional funds for this sludge industry PR video came from Houston-based Browning Ferris Industries, one of the nation's largest waste management companies. BFI companies are trademarked under the enormous waste management umbrella company, Allied Waste Industries.

View the video here: - Using Compost for Landscape and Nursery Production: A production of the US Composting Council and the Rodale Institute, with partners R. Alexander Associates, Inc. and Filtrexx International

Filtrexx Admits to Using Sewage Sludge In School Garden Planters

At BioCycle Magazine's 2011 Global Conference in San Diego, California, Filtrexx admitted that the company's non-profit arm, the Filtrexx Foundation, a 501 c-3, spreads sewage sludge-based products, disguised by the PR euphemism "biosolids compost," that Filtrexx creates in school garden planters. Video to come of Filtrexx's appearance at BioCycle Global 2011. Check back for updates.

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Filtrexx International, LLC

35481 Grafton Eastern Rd | Grafton, Oh 44044

440-926-2607 | fax: 440-926-4021

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