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Raw Milk News is a page to accompany the raw milk portal page. Since every time the portal page is changed, there is no easy record of what was up on it, this page will be an ongoing list of the news articles that at one time appeared on the portal page. (Please, respect this use of this page and contact user Rebekah Wilce if you have any questions. Thank you.)



  • Raw Milk Farmer Hopes Jury Vote Their Conscience in Pasteurizing Case (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/22) "A Sauk County dairy farmer headed for trial on criminal charges related to the sale of raw milk could have his fate determined by a legal tactic that encourages jurors to vote their conscience regardless of the facts and the law. Vernon Hershberger is scheduled for trial Jan. 7 on charges that include operating a retail food establishment, farm and dairy plant without licenses, and violating a hold order placed on his dairy products after a raid on his farm. It's a case that has become a rallying point for the raw milk movement nationwide. Hundreds of people have attended rallies in Hershberger's defense, hoping that an acquittal could help change laws that prohibit sales of raw, unpasteurized dairy products."
  • Farmer not guilty in raw milk case (Sauk Centre Herald, 9/26) "A jury in Hennepin District County Court found Freeport organic egg producer Alvin Schlangen not guilty on all counts of violating Minnesota's restrictions on raw milk sales on Thursday, Sept. 20."


  • FTCLDF to Represent Hershberger Against DATCP (Wisconsin Raw Milk Association, 8/29) "Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection once supported farmers who offered raw dairy through direct-to-consumer sales. Unfortunately, due to pressure from the FDA, they have reversed their earlier stance and turned on such farmers, treating them as criminals. The state legislature tried to stop this purge, the governor vetoed their efforts, under dairy industry pressure. Now one brave farmer faces trial in January. . . . Wisconsin dairy farmer, Vernon Hershberger of Loganville, has retained the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) to represent him in his upcoming criminal trial on four misdemeanor counts for alleged violations of the Wisconsin food and dairy code. The trial was originally supposed to take place on September 25 in Sauk County Circuit Court in Baraboo but Judge Guy Reynolds has postponed the trial until January 7. The judge has set aside five days for the trial."
  • David v. Goliath: Raw Milk Producer Calls Settlement with the State a Win (The Daily Record, 8/28; Brownfield Ag News, 8/29; and KY3, 8/17) "The owners of an Ozarks dairy farm are back to business as usual. They spent the last three years in a battle to resume selling raw milk. A settlement with the state says they keep selling but with restrictions. . . . The Bechards said they are happy with the agreement. It allows them to continue selling but with restrictions. All the milk they sell has to be to customers they know, and the orders have to be placed in advance. According to the settlement, the Bechards cannot sell from parking lots or other public places to strangers." (KY3)


  • Ontario Raw Milk Farmer Michael Schmidt Allowed to Appeal Cow-Share Business Conviction (Brandon Sun, 7/26)

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