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NOFA/Massachusetts (NOFA/Mass) is the state chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association for Massachusetts.[1]

According to the NOFA/Mass website:[2]

"NOFA/Mass is a community including farmers, gardeners, landscapers and consumers working to educate members and the general public about the benefits of local organic systems based on complete cycles, natural materials, and minimal waste for the health of individual beings, communities and the living planet.
"We encourage methods of farming and gardening that can continue for generations because they show respect for the soil, water, and air which support us all.
"We promote political and economic changes necessary to build a sustainable local agriculture that benefits rural, suburban and urban Massachusetts.
"We are concerned about the dangers posed by pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers along with the growing destruction of topsoil caused by erosion and loss of humus.
"We advocate sustainable growing practices which not only conserve but actually renew and improve our environment.
"We are looking at improved access for all to organic food and organic land and farming; with a consciousness of reaching low-income and marginalized people. Further, we are examining how NOFA itself perpetuates systems of privilege, and how we can begin to change that."


As of 2011, the board is as follows:[3]


As of 2011, the staff is as follows:[4]

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