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Peter Walsh is the president and co-founder of the Lavoisier Group, an Australian climate change skeptic group. He was an Australian senator and finance minister in the Hawke Labor government, in the 1980s.

Climate Change "Dirty Dozen"

In a talk given in Australia on 20 February 2006, Clive Hamiliton (director of the Australia Institute) identifies Peter Walsh as one of Australia's climate change "dirty dozen" (these include: Hugh Morgan, John Eyles, Ron Knapp, Alan Oxley, Peter Walsh, Meg McDonald, Barry Jones, Chris Mitchell, Ian MacFarlane, Alan Moran, Malcolm Broomhead, and John Howard):

"The old Labor political war horse who - with Hugh Morgan's right hand man Ray Evans - formed and organized the secretive right-wing Lavoisier Group. Whenever the troops need jollying up, Walsh is wheeled out to push the radical line of the climate skeptics, rehashing all of their stale and discredited arguments, usually carried in the opinion pages of The Australian." [1]

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