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Malcolm Broomhead is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Orica Ltd, an Australian mining and chemicals company. Malcolm is also a member of the Foundation Council for the Australian Davos Connection.

Climate Change "Dirty Dozen"

In a talk given in Australia on 20 February 2006, Clive Hamiliton (director of The Australia Institute) identifies Malcolm Broomhead as one of Australia's climate change "dirty dozen" (these include: Hugh Morgan, John Eyles, Ron Knapp, Alan Oxley, Peter Walsh, Meg McDonald, Barry Jones, Chris Mitchell, Ian MacFarlane, Alan Moran, Malcolm Broomhead, and John Howard):

"Broomhead has been the CEO of chemicals and mining company Orica since 2001 (and of North Ltd before then). Orica impishly claims that it “will manage all our activities with concern for people and the environment and will conduct our business for the benefit of society and without compromising the quality of life of future generations”. Broomhead led the charge against emissions trading (which was supported by Treasury) on behalf of the fossil fuel lobby. He has chaired the Low Emissions Technology Advisory Group of big polluting companies - which might more accurately be called the Big Polluters Protection Club - whose purpose has been to tell the Government what it should do to head off public concern about greenhouse pollution." [1]

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