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Meg McDonald is currently president of the Alcoa Foundation. [1]

Climate Change "Dirty Dozen"

In a talk given in Australia on 20 February 2006, Clive Hamiliton (director of Australia Institute) identifies Meg McDonald as one of Australia's climate change "dirty dozen" (these include: Hugh Morgan, John Eyles, Ron Knapp, Alan Oxley, Peter Walsh, Meg McDonald, Barry Jones, Chris Mitchell, Ian MacFarlane, Alan Moran, Malcolm Broomhead, and John Howard):

"With a history as a trade negotiator McDonald was exactly the kind of person the Howard Government wanted to head our negotiating delegation to the Kyoto conference in 1997. Having secured an extremely lenient deal for Australia under the Kyoto Protocol, she walked away from government and joined Alcoa as its head of corporate affairs. Alcoa Australia has a great sense of humour, claiming on its website to be committed "to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment... We will not compromise environmental, health or safety values for profit or production." Sure, and Enron’s first concern was always for its customers. McDonald now represents Alcoa within the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network, the greenhouse mafia's organisation. She spearheads the aluminium industry's fierce rejection of the treaty she helped to negotiate." [2]

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