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The Myer Foundation was established in 1959 as part of Myer Family Philanthropy which comprises the Sidney Myer Fund and the Myer Foundation. Their "mission is to build a fair, just, creative, sustainable and caring society through initiatives that promote positive changes in Australia, and in relation to Australia’s regional setting."[1]


The Sidney Meyer Fund was established in 1934 with one-tenth of the estate of Sidney Myer. The Myer Foundation was established in 1959 with initial contributions from Sidney Myer's sons, Baillieu Myer and the late Kenneth Myer. The Myer Foundation is now "supported by three successive generations" of the Myer family.[1] On its website the foundations stress that they are separate entities from the Myer retail stores[1], which are now owned by the TPG Capital Company (which is also referred to as the Texas Pacific Group). TPG bought the Myer Group in May 2006.[2]

Grants for 2004-05

Total grants given in 2004-05 amounts to AU$3,753,592 Source

Focus Area Committees

  • Beyond Australia $849,620
  • Growing Philanthropy $1,325,000
  • G4 Fund $257,472
  • The Arts and Humanities $19,000
  • Natural Environment $25,000
  • Social Justice $17,500


  • Tsunami Projects $560,000
  • Asialink $400,000
  • The Cranlana Programme Foundation $300,000

Natural Environment Focus Area Committee


Social Justice Focus Area Committee






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