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Matt Stoller, blogger and Democratic campaign consultant, is the founder of the exclusive and confidential liberal listserv Townhouse and also

His official biographical note states (1/25/08) that Stoller "writes at the progressive strategy site and is the President of the political action committee BlogPAC. ... He consults for the Sunlight Foundation on open government, for Actblue, and for Working Assets, a progressive phone company. In 2005, he worked as the blogger for Jon Corzine for Governor and Simon Rosenberg for Democratic National Committee Chair. He also co-created the web campaign to fight against the privatization of Social Security. In 2004, he worked on a radio and blog project called 'The Blogging of the President', credentialled bloggers for the Democratic National Convention, and co-created the web campaign He is the co-author of a report titled 'The Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere' from the New Politics Institute. In 2003, he worked on the Draft Clark movement. Stoller began blogging in 2002.

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