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Kissinger Associates, Inc. is a New York City-based "international consulting firm" owned and managed by Henry Kissinger. Their president is Jami Miscik.

The company describes itself as providing "strategic advisory and advocacy services to a select group of multinational companies. The firm provides advice regarding special projects, assists its clients to identify strategic partners and investment opportunities, and advises clients on government relations throughout the world."[1]

Kissinger McLarty Associates

Kissinger McLarty Associates is a member of the Council on the Americas. The membership directory provides the following on the company:

"Kissinger Associates and its affiliate, Kissinger McLarty Associates, provide strategic advisory and advocacy services to a select group of U.S. and multinational companies. The firms provide high-level intervention regarding special projects, assist their clients to identify strategic partners and investment opportunities, and advise clients on government relations throughout the world. KAI was founded in 1982 by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. In 1999, former Clinton Chief of Staff and Special Envoy for the Americas Thomas F. McLarty joined KAI as Vice-Chairman, and established a Washington office of KAI known as Kissinger McLarty Associates (KMA). The firm does not, however, lobby the United States government or engage in conduct that would require us to register as foreign agents under US law, nor do we accept fees from foreign governments."[2]

Kissinger Associates teams up with APCO Worldwide

In October 2004, Kissinger Associates and APCO Worldwide announced that they had formed "a strategic alliance". "Our grasp of core policy and regulatory issues in numerous countries combined with APCO's extensive public affairs experience will result in well-rounded thinking about our clients' challenges. I am confident that this kind of thinking will produce very exciting and productive results for the corporations we both serve," the media statement annoucning the alliance cited Kissinger stating.[3]

"In today's global marketplace, the needs of multinational organizations are more complicated than ever. These needs are inevitably shaped by the diverse regulatory, political and public opinion landscapes in these countries. This alliance will create a team whose ability to understand and affect these environments will be second to none," Kissinger stated in the media release.

The announcement stated that Alan R. Batkin and J. Stapleton Roy, "will be especially active in the alliance".

"Batkin, a former investment banker, is a leader in international business who serves on the boards and executive committees of a number of think tanks and publicly traded companies. Roy is a former ambassador to Singapore, Indonesia and the People's Republic of China who also served as assistant secretary of state for intelligence and research," it stated.

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