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AI - I'm inclined to delete the list of other businesses that are in the same office building as KAssociates for a couple of reasons: 1)its a very weak link that begs the question from a sceptical reader of "so what?". If the other tenants were companies the KA worked with/for I could see the relevance but as it stands I can't see its value given there is no evidence of any formal relationship between KA and the other tenants. 2) On a more practical level, the list of empty links is taken by others as indicating a priority set of files to work on. So yesterday, a new contributor started copying text from websites into previously blank files. I deleted one or two that were unedited slabs of text on banks as being advertising but omitted to check 'what links here'. Revisiting one of the files this morning - Camoin (which I think adds little to SourceWatch) I realised that the new pages were all starting from the KA page. While harmless material, I can't see these companies are a priority for SourceWatch, especially when so many profiles of major PR/lobbying companies etc have so little in them. -- bob