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Kissinger McLarty Associates, now known as McLarty Associates, is an international strategic advisory firm. The firm was formed in 1999 by the merger of two organizations headed by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Mr. McLarty, who served as President William Jefferson Clinton's chief of staff ... In addition, Mr. McLarty and some business associates that include Mr. Kimball are involved in a separate partnership that advises large corporate clients and a handful of private equity firms."[1]

As of January 2008, Kissinger Associates and McLarty Associates are two separate firms, and have dissolved the relationship between them.

"Team Members"


Past Partners

Kissinger Associates
Kissinger McLarty Associates
Venture Communications, a Swedish capital services and communications firm serving the Scandinavian high-tech market.


The membership directory provides the following on the company:

"Kissinger Associates, Inc. and its affiliate, Kissinger McLarty Associates, provide strategic advisory and advocacy services to a select group of U.S. and multinational companies. The firms provide high-level intervention regarding special projects, assist their clients to identify strategic partners and investment opportunities, and advise clients on government relations throughout the world. KAI was founded in 1982 by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. In 1999, former Clinton Chief of Staff and Special Envoy for the Americas Thomas F. McLarty joined KAI as Vice-Chairman, and established a Washington office of KAI known as Kissinger McLarty Associates (KMA). The firm does not, however, lobby the United States government or engage in conduct that would require us to register as foreign agents under US law, nor do we accept fees from foreign governments." [7]
  • "Blackstone's alliance with Kissinger McLarty Associates is designed to help provide financial advisory services to corporations seeking high-level strategic advice. The relationship was announced in 2000 and recently completed its first strategic advisory assignment on behalf of a NYSE-listed company. Kissinger McLarty Associates, which is chaired by the former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, is a leading strategic and geopolitical consulting firm based in New York City." [8]
"Hicks Muse also said Richard Fisher, former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative under President Clinton, will join the firm's Latin American strategy board ... At the same time, Kissinger McLarty Associates, an affiliated firm founded by Kissinger and Mack McLarty, former White House chief of staff, announced that Fisher had joined the firm as managing partner ... Hicks Muse, said Muse, has significant assets in various Latam countries, but is particularly concerned with Argentina, which recently faced a major debt crisis and currency tumult that could affect media assets held jointly with Liberty Media ... 'No one in the country is better qualified to help us understand the macro environment in Latin America better than Richard,' said Muse. 'For now, we have definitely pulled in our horns and become more cautious in the region. We have a lot of capital there we are husbanding carefully.' ... Muse said Kissinger would be paid a fee for being on the firm's European board and would also likely get consulting fees for additional work."


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