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Keith Teare, also known as Keith Tompson, was a leading activist in the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and studied under Frank Furedi at the University of Kent. He is a member of the LM network and headed RCP front group Workers Against Racism in the 1980s.[citation needed]

Teare had an independent technology consutancy - now cScape Ltd - from 1983 - 1993. His business had Warner Music, Mobil Oil and others as clients. By 1994 the RCP was in the process of disbanding and shuttering its efforts. Teare increasingly focused on his business career and set up a number of internet businesses in the mid-1990s, including Cyberia, Easynet, NetNames and RealNames. These were mostly headed by skilled professionals, like David Rowe at EasyNet. In some cases he employed friends he considered to be highly talented. Some were ex RCP-ers.[citation needed]

During the Microsoft anti-trust trial Teare made a spirited defence of Microsoft and the American way of life. That, however, was before Microsoft pulled the plug on Teare's company, plunging it into liquidation. Since then some have accused Teare of playing the victim. His views on Microsoft certainly appear to have changed radically: "We believe that Microsoft's investments should be seen for their positive impact not as a sign of monopolistic hidden agendas." Keith Teare, June 7 2000; "Microsoft killed a whole market. It is a poor business decision made by souless people who clearly have the arrogance that comes from absolute power." Keith Teare, June 4 2002 [1].

A SourceWatch contributor with the user name "Kteare" added, in regards to the above quote: "These points of view are not in contradiction of course. Belief in human progress, yet bitterness when you the victim of a poor decision made by junior executives make absolute sense."

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