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The Institute of Ideas (IoI) is a successor project to Living Marxism and an intellectual home of the LM group. A flagwaver for the political network's libertarian agenda, the organisation has been described by critics as "media-friendly Tory extremists." [1]

According to its website, the IoI's mission is to "expand the boundaries of public debate by organising conferences, discussions and salons, and publishing written conversations and exchanges." IoI is active on a wide range of issues, commonly advancing a position of opposition to restrictions on business and technology, especially biotechnology.

The Institute is believed by some observers to be a key component of the LM group's highly successful campaign of entryism into British media and academic circles. The Institute has organised many events in conjunction with well respected British establishment institutions, including the British Library, British Museum, the RCA, and the National Portrait Gallery.




Academy of Ideas Ltd
Signet House
49-51 Farringdon Road,
London, EC1M 3JP.
Phone 44 (0)20 7269 9220
Fax (0)20 7269 9235
E-mail: academy AT

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