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The UK Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) was started by Frank Furedi in 1978 as a faction of the International Socialists (which went on to become the Socialist Workers' Party). Its political views moved swiftly from far left to libertarian. Its official journal, Living Marxism, later changed its name to LM Magazine. The loose anti-environmental, pro-technology, libertarian network associated with the magazine came to be known as the LM group.

The RCP was disbanded over a fairly long period. The last time it stood in an election was 1992. The last public campaign it was involved in was the Campaign Against Militarism (which again was set up in 1992, but carried on until around 1995). The RCP sold LM to Helene Guldberg at the end of 1996.[1]

The RCP is said to have run a wide number of front organisations during its lifetime. Many of these are listed in the LM group article and by GMWatch.

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  1. James Hearfield, email to marxism-thaxis mailing list, December 22, 1997.

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