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Kate Abley, also known by her maiden name, Kate Moorcock, is a longtime associate of the libertarian LM network and has worked for various different platforms and front organisations set up by the group. The majority of her energies are spent in the field of child welfare, arguing the view that risks to children are grossly exaggerated by society. She has been a staff member of Families for Freedom and co-authored (using her maiden name) a response by the Institute of Ideas to 'Safeguarding Children', the Department for Education and Skills Consultation on a draft revision of child protection guidance [1].

She is married to Ian Abley and works with him for Audacity.org where she is a director in the company shareholding. The organisation lambasts sustainable development, proclaiming it is "Against Sustainababble, For Development". Abley has also written for Spiked Online, a direct descendant of Living Marxism, the organ of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

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  • Kate Moorcock, "Road to nowhere", Spiked Online, 29 December 2000
  • Kate Moorcock, "Swings and Roundabouts: The Danger of Safety in Outdoor Play" was published by Perpetuity Press, 1998 [2].