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Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore Maryland.

Animal testing

Dow does animal testing.

Facility information, progress reports & USDA-APHIS reports

This facility performed animal experiments involving pain or distress but no analgesics, anesthetics or pain relievers were administered. For links to copies of this facility's U.S. Department of Agriculture-Animal Plant Health Inspection (APHIS) reports, other information and links, see also Facility Reports & Information: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.[1]

USDA AWA reports

As of May 26, 2009, the USDA began posting all inspection reports for animal breeders, dealers, exhibitors, handlers, research facilities and animal carriers by state. See also USDA Animal Welfare Inspection Reports.

Animal cruelty & welfare violations

In February of 2005, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) paid $25,000 in fines to the USDA for repeated AWA violations. Charges were pressed mainly due to Johns Hopkins refusal to correct chronic and repeated violations. According to USDA inspectors, animals were not being given anesthetics or proper veterinary care during painful experiments. At least 37 primates were kept in cages that were either too small or failed to meet basic, humane standards.

Researcher George Ricaurte spends approximately $1 million per year in taxpayer funded "illicit drug studies" on monkeys and baboons. In one "experiment", Ricaurte killed research animals by "accidentally" injecting them with speed (instead of ecstasy). Lloyd Minor studies "vestibular compensation", or how eye movement reacts to sudden high-speed head movements and rotations. He implants metal coils into the eyes of squirrel monkeys and surgically installs steel poles into their skulls; which lock into a special restraint chair. The chair is rapidly spun, exerting tremendous force on the immobilized monkey. In variations, Minor cuts out pieces of their brains to see if "lobotomized" monkeys respond differently to chair spinning. Minor doesn't even bother to pretend that his medieval torture has human applications (which he also conducts on chinchillas), however this project receives almost $500,000 each year from the NI on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. [2], [3]

See also ten worst laboratories & section 1 on facility information & progress reports.


Emeritus Trustees

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