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The following are former personnel and directors of the Inter-American Foundation.

Richard M. Nixon administration

  • Edwin G. Corr, "program officer at the Inter-American Foundation in 1971 - 1972" [1]

Gerald R. Ford administration

  • David Lazar: "In the 1970s Mr. Lazar was general counsel of the Inter-American Foundation, director of the office of Central American affairs at the State Department, deputy to the secretary for economic and social development affairs at the Organization of American States (OAS), and senior adviser to the permanent representative to OAS." [2]
  • Thomas C. Ramey served as senior staff member from 1973-1979 [3]

Jimmy Carter administration

Reagan administration

  • Elliott Abrams, "nominated as member of Board of Directors for the 1985–90 term " [5]
  • Lynda Anne Barness, "appointed by President Reagan to the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Foundation, on which board she served from 1985-92." [6]
  • Shelton H. Davis, "Inter-American Foundation (Rosslyn, Virginia, 1985 and 1986)--Consultancies evaluating Inter-American Foundation-funded projects in Bolivia (Ayoreode-Zapoco Communal Sawmill, Department of Santa Cruz) and Colombia (Centro de Cooperacion Indígena, Bogota)." [10]
  • Langhorne A. Motley, an Assistant Secretary of State (Inter-American Affairs): September 6, 1983, recess appointment to the IAB Board by President Reagan, "to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Foundation, for the remainder of the term expiring September 20, 1984. He will succeed Thomas O. Enders." [13]
  • Thomas W. Pauken, nominated April 22, 1987, by President Ronald Reagan "to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Foundation for the term expiring October 6, 1992. He would succeed Luis Guerrero Nogales. ... Mr. Pauken is vice president and corporate counsel of Garvon, Inc., in Dallas, TX." [14]; Thomas W. Pauken in the Wikipedia.
  • Harold K. Phillips, former board member: "a car salesman from Los Angeles with a long fundraising and recruitment record for the California Republican Party" [15]
  • Deborah Szekely, 78, ran as a Republican candidate in San Diego, CA, for Congress in 1982, "lost but went to Washington anyway. There President Reagan put her in charge of the Inter-American Foundation" [17]; has "been the President and CEO" of IAF [18]

George H.W. Bush administration

Clinton administration

  • María Otero, appointed in 1994 by President Clinton "to serve as chair of the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Foundation, a position she held until January 2000." [25] On April 12, 1994, Clinton nominated Maria Otero, of the District of Columbia, to the IAF Board as a replacement for Reagan-appointee Victor Blanco, who had resigned. [26]
  • Paula Stern, "a Presidentially appointed member of the board of directors of the Inter-American Foundation." [27]
  • Patricia Hill Williams, appointed to IAF by President Clinton and "represented the Inter-American Foundation at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China." [28]

Former IAF personnel and directors

  • Gabriela Boyer, "accepted a position with the Inter-American Foundation as Foundation Representative for Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay" (2004)
  • Miriam Brandao, Senior Representative of the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) for Central American and Mexico (2004) [29]
  • William Doherty, "was identified by Philip Agee, former CIA agent, as a 'CIA agent in labor operations.' ... He is on the advisory board of the Inter-American Foundation, a quasi-private foundation that uses AID funds for development programs in Latin America." [35]
  • Anita Friedman, "held positions at the Inter-American Foundation as Representative for Paraguay and Uruguay" [36]
  • Katherine S. Hutter, worked "in the Department of Evaluation and Dissemination at the Inter-American Foundation." [41]
  • Kellee James, "evaluated programs that included both corporate and small business interests in Brazil, Mexico, and Honduras." [42]
  • Chuck Kleymeyer, "Author, Senior Fellow at the Center for Native Lands and former representative of the Inter American Foundation for Ecuador" [44]
  • David Kyle, "international development" [45]; "From 1978 to 1979 he worked for the Inter-American Foundation in Washington, D.C. financing small development projects in Uruguay and Paraguay." [46]
  • Margarita Mooney, December 2001-June 2002: "Consultant for project on utilizing migrants’ remittances to support grass roots development projects in Latin America." [50]
  • Judith Morrison, former "director of the Brazil program" [51] and "the division chief for the eastern South American, southern cone, and Caribbean regions" [52]
  • Gail Phares, served a "five-year stint with the Inter-American Foundation" in the 1970s [54]
  • Joshua S. Reichert, prior to 1990, was a "regional representative of the Inter-American Foundation, a public corporation that provides assistance to the urban and rural poor in Latin America and the Caribbean" [56]
  • Martin Scurrah, "carried out research and consulting in a Peruvian NGO for a wide range of organizations, particularly the Inter-American Foundation." [58]
  • Michael Shifter, mid-1980s: "Representative in Brazil with the Inter-American Foundation, where he also worked in the Office of Research and Evaluation." [59]
  • Larry Slesinger, "served as special assistant to the president of the Inter-American Foundation" [60]
  • Stephen G. Vetter, served "20 years with the Inter-American Foundation ... As the foundation's director of outreach, he helped the region's non-governmental organizations develop sources of local and international financial support. ... He was the foundation's acting president from 1990 to 1991, program vice president from 1985 to 1990, and representative to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and Brazil from 1975 to 1985." [62]
  • Jill Wheeler, "served as Mexico Representative" (2001 to at least July 2006) and "is active on the IAF's transnational task force." [63]
  • Howard J. Wiarda, "member of the Council of Academic Advisers of the Inter-American Foundation" [64]