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The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) is "a new conservative investigative research organization," according to the Washington Post in 2012.[1] The GAI states its mission as being "to investigate and expose crony capitalism, misuse of taxpayer monies, and other governmental corruption or malfeasance."[2]

The GAI has several ties to right-wing groups such as Citizens United,, the American Conservative Union, the Young America's Foundation, and the Hoover Institution, through its key staff and board members:


Executive Officers

  • Peter Schweizer, President (Research Fellow, Hoover Institution)
  • Rick White, Executive Vice President
  • Stuart Christmas, General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Investigation

Board of Directors

Core Financials


  • Total Revenue: $2,601,382
  • Total Expenses: $2,247,050
  • Net Assests: $271,248


  • Total Revenue: $2,590,394
  • Total Expenses: $2,853,295
  • Net Assests: $-83,082

Contact Details

Sandy Schulz, Senior Publicist
Government Accountability Institute


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