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Global Marine Security Systems Company was formed in November of 2001 by the Hart Group, the merchant bank Tufton Oceanic, and the New York based Energy Transportation Group for the purposes of protecting the transportation of materials like liquified natural gas and liquified petroleum gas from terrorists and to assure ports they are bringing in a safe load [1]. On their webpage they describe themselves as the maritime security division of Hart GMSSCO.[2]


  • Recently, in July of 2004, they received the contract to "assess the Iraqi ports for International Ship and Port Facility Security Code compliance." [3]
  • They have entered into a partnership with RINA Industry to produce a package for clients that meet the new regulations set by the International Maritime Organization. [6]

Senior Executives

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New York
Fred Gordon
355 Lexington Ave
4th Floor
New York , NY 10017
Tel: 212 614-2372
Fax: 212 682-7968
gmsscous AT

David Fairnie
22 Quayside Lodge
William Morris Way
London SW6 2UZ
Tel: 44 207 751-0771
Fax: 44 207 384-0501
gmsscouk AT

Yuri Nosenko
Ulanskiy Per., 14-B
Office 53
Russia, 10100m, Moscow
Tel: 7095 208-7132
Fax: 7095 207-9548
gmsscoru AT