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The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund was founded in 1978, and "is dedicated to the conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. We are committed to promoting continued research on their threatened ecosystems and education about their relevance to the world in which we live. In collaboration with government agencies and other international partners, we also provide assistance to local communities through education, health, training and economic development initiatives." [1]


Pierre Kakule Vwirasihikya] "was cited for creating the 220,000-acre (88,000-hectare) Tayna Gorilla Reserve, the DRCs first community-run nature reserve, and the Tayna Center for Conservation Biology (TCCB), the first DRC university devoted to conservation. Both are funded by Conservation International (CI) through its partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla International Fund (DFGFI)...

"In 2001, Vwirasihikya first approached DFGFI for support. Two years later, CI entered a partnership with DFGFI to provide funding for Tayna and the TCCB and other area projects from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) CARPE program and its own funding agency, the Global Conservation Fund...

"The combined efforts of CI and DFGFI, with their Congolese partners ICCN (Institut Congolais pour la Conservacion de la Nature) and UGADEC (Union des Associations de Conservation des Gorilles pour le Dveloppement Communautaire lEst de la Rpublique Dmocratique du Congo) will provide protection and scientific monitoring for fauna and flora, conservation education for local people, and capacity building for Congolese institutions." [2]

People (2010)

Accessed May 2010: [3]

Honorary Chair


Rwanda Representatives

  • Romain Murenzi, Ph.D., Minister, President’s Office in charge of Science, Technology, Scientific Research and Information Communication Technologies
  • Rosette Rugamba, Director General, Office of Tourism and National Parks , (ORTPN)

Senior Staff

People (2007)

Accessed November 2007: [4]

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Board of Trustees

Honorary Life Trustees

Staff and Specialists in the United States


Web: http://www.gorillafund.org

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