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Earth Search Sciences Inc. "provides airborne hyperspectral remote sensing services for a wide range of uses from exploration and monitoring of valuable natural resources to homeland security. With the resurgence of the mining industry and the emphasis for new sources of supply for oil & gas, there is greater demand in using exploration tools that are faster and more accurate. Hyperspectral technology is just that." [1]


Accessed November 2007: [2]


  • "Terranet, Inc. was formed to act as the first hyperspectral imagery seller on the internet. Imagery collected today and yesterday can be sold repeatedly to multiple end users. Terrant now has access to ESSI's data archive of over 200,000 sq. miles of imagery from over 5 continents, which is being added to daily.
  • "Petro Probe, Inc. was formed to identify and develop potential hydrocarbon properties. Petro Probe, Inc.'s strategy entailed capturing hyperspectral data over areas of interest that the Company could later take an equity interest in. Petro Probe, Inc.'s goal is to develop the competitive advantages of the Probe 1 resource mapping capability and combine that information with current underground exploration tools to make new oil & gas discoveries.
  • "Eco Probe, Inc. was formed to pursue hyper-spectral remote sensing applications in the environmental industry. ESSI has worked with U.S. government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service and the Office of Surface Mining on setting up applications for commercial monitoring of industries, forests and health issues, slope stability assessment and the spread of noxious weeds. The exeperience and knowledge gained are being compiled to develop operations. Environmental problems such as those caused by the spread of non-native noxious weeds, loss of wildlife habitat, soil erosion, diminished water quality, loss of fish habitat, and reduced crop production, can be solved by the use of hyperspectral imagery as a monitoring tool.
  • "Geo Probe, Inc. was formed as a direct result of ESSI's success in new mineral discoveries via the contracts with Noranda Minerals. See our home page and the pdf presentations for details on this." [3]

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