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The Corporation for Educational Radio and Television (CERT) "was founded in 1984 as a not-for-profit organization. Its mission is to 'encourage, promote and foster an appreciation for the educational value and uses of film, video and radio'." CERT documentaries have aired on the major U.S. networks NBC, ABC and PBS. [1]

Education Department Grant

According to the Department of Education's Office of Inspector General report on Department PR expenditures in fiscal years 2002 through 2004, CERT received $20,000 in 2004, "to create a PSA (public service announcement) referring the audience to a PBS documentary titled Closing the Achievement Gap." [2]

According to the Education Department's Inspector General's report, "all products" of the CERT grant "were informational and included the appropriate disclaimer." [3]


According to Media Transparency, CERT has received funding from: [4]

  • Sarah Scaife Foundation - $25,000 in 1989, $125,000 in 1990 (for "television program on Black America conservatism"), $50,000 in 1992, $50,000 in 1994, $50,000 in 1999
  • John M. Olin Foundation - $10,000 in 1989, $125,000 in 1992 (to "support a documentary on educational choice"), $100,000 in 1993, $50,000 in 1999 (for "production of a documentary film, 'Liberating America's Schools: A Special Report on Charter Schools'")
  • Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation - $50,000 in 1992 (to "support a documentary on school choice"), $50,000 in 1992 (to "support a documentary on urban neighborhoods")
  • Scaife Family Foundation - $50,000 in 1993 (for "PBS series 'The New Urban Renewal Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods'"), $25,000 in 1995 (for "The New Urbal Renewal")
  • Hickory Foundation - $10,000 in 1998, $10,000 in 1999, $10,000 in 2000, $10,000 in 2001, $10,000 in 2002, $10,000 in 2003
  • Jaquelin Hume Foundation - $10,000 in 1999, $25,000 in 2000
  • Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation - $2,000 in 2003 (for "NFTE Segments on TBS")

Other funders include: [5]


According to CERT's webiste and 2003 IRS 990 form:

  • M. Zach Richter, President; paid $84,000 in 2003 for full-time work producing and directing
  • Naftali Larish, Vice-president and secretary of the board; paid $38,865 for part-time videography work
  • Robert Clift, Vice-president and assistant treasurer of the board

Contact Information

Corporation For Educational Radio and Television
211 W 56th Street
New York, NY 10019-4325
Phone: (212) 582-8078
Email: certnyc AT

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  • Department of Education Office of Inspector General, "Review of Department Identified Contracts and Grants for Public Relations Services" (ED-OIG / I13F0012), issued September 1, 2005; available in MS Word (432K) and PDF (214K) formats.
  • Greg Toppo, "Report: Education Dept. funds need monitoring," USA Today, September 3, 2005.