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The Philip M. McKenna Foundation focuses on public policy and educational affairs.[1] It has total assets of $21,031,038 and reports total giving of $1,285,811.


The Society for Nonprofit Organizations says this about the foundation:

The Foundation is guided by the philosophical orientation and public life of its founder and works primarily in the fields of public policy and education. The Foundation’s purpose is to support the advancement of a free, prosperous, and well-ordered society based upon American civic principles, private enterprise, and the cultural heritage of Western civilization. The Foundation is committed to limited constitutional government, free market economics, and moral virtue. Support is directed toward research and educational programs with a long-term focus as well as public policy programs focused on more immediate concerns.[2]



Recipients by amount granted by the by the Philip M. McKenna Foundation, Inc. [3]

3) Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives $681,080
4) Heritage Foundation, The $605,000
5) Claremont McKenna College $275,000
6) Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy $255,000
7) Capital Research Center $251,000
9) Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy $190,000
10) Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, The $175,000
11) Allegheny Institute for Public Policy $169,800
14) George Mason University Foundation, Inc. $125,000
17) Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty $113,000
19) Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation $107,000
20) Social Philosophy and Policy Foundation $105,000
21) Institute for Humane Studies $100,000
22) American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research $85,000
23) Landmark Legal Foundation $80,000
26) Foundation for Free Enterprise Education $74,550
27) Political Economy Research Center, Inc. $60,000
28) Latrobe Foundation $53,000
29) National Center for Policy Analysis $50,000
30) Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research $50,000
31) Fund For American Studies, The $46,000
32) Competitive Enterprise Institute $45,000
34) Alexis de Tocqueville Institution $40,000
35) Civil Society Project $40,000
36) Free Congress Foundation, Inc. $40,000
37) Tax Foundation $40,000
38) Pacific Legal Foundation $40,000
39) Center for Immigration Studies $40,000
42) Toward Tradition $35,000
43) Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation $34,000
44) Washington Legal Foundation $34,000
47) Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment $30,000
50) Institute for Justice $20,000
51) Foundation for Economic Education $20,000
54) Atlantic Legal Foundation $19,000
57) George Mason University $15,000
62) Ethics and Public Policy Center, Inc. $10,000
63) Foreign Policy Research Institute $10,000
64) Atlas Economic Research Foundation $10,000

Contact details

c/o Mellon Bank, N.A.
P.O. Box 185
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0185
Phone: 724 537-6900
URL: Unknown


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