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Ceri Dingle is the director of WORLDwrite. As a platform for the libertarian LM group, WORLDwrite attacks environmentalism and sustainable development, which it labels 'sustainababble'.

A veteran of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), she stood as a candidate for Sheffield Central in the party's 1987 "Red Front" campaign [1]. Briefly making headlines for disrupting a speech made by the then Energy Secretary, Peter Walker, at a Conservative rally in South Yorkshire [2], she lost her deposit, polling only a handful of votes. She has written for RCP organ Living Marxism and currently writes for Spiked online. Libertarian in outlook, her output includes pieces with titles such as "Fox Hunting is Fun" [3]. She continues to collaborate regularly with LM group luminaries such as James Heartfield.

Dingle, like other members of the LM network, uses the media to promote the group's anti-environmental agenda. In December 2003, she appeared on BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze as an 'expert' in a debate about climate change. On the panel assessing the arguments was Claire Fox, co-publisher of Living Marxism. Her political connections with Dingle, however, were never disclosed, giving Fox free rein to defend anti-Kyoto polemic unchecked [4]. Dingle's performance on the program landed her the 'Newcomer Contrarian Award' in the Guardian's tongue-in-cheek Ecology Awards: "Let's forget about Kyoto. We want the poor driving Ferraris!" [5]

Dingle is also a director of the "Global Awareness Consultancy" ME-WE. As the organisation has shut down its website, it is not clear whether ME-WE is still active. [6]


1987 General Election Result: Sheffield Central

Candidate Party Votes
B. Oxley Conservative 6,530
R. G. Eaborn Labour 25,872
Ms F. C. Hornby Social Democratic Party 5,314
K. E. Pens Communist Party 203
C. T. Dingle Red Front 278
Electorate 61,156
Labour majority 19,342 (no change)
Swing 6.52% to Social Democratic Party
Poll 62.45%

Source: "Election 87: Final Results", The Guardian (London), 13 June 1987