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CACI International Inc. is a Private Military Corporation that provided contract interrogators to the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, which has become notorious for the human rights abuses committed there.


Founded in 1962 as California Analysis Center, Inc (CACI) the company is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. In 1967 it was renamed Consolidated Analysis Centers, Inc and has been publicly owned since 1968. CACI changed once more in 1973 to CACI, Inc.

The parent company of the CACI group of companies is CACI International Inc, which was incorporated on October 8, 1985.[1]

CACI boasts of its role "pioneering in simulation software". [2]

The company reported $843.1M FY 2003 revenues. [3]

With more than 100 offices in London and Washington, DC, and approximately 9400 employees worldwide, CACI also provides business services such as "marketing systems" that include "profiling online consumers," and a database-driven "consumer classification product to meet the increasing need for precision marketing and more accurate targeting. The latest version combines the places where people live with their underlying lifestyle and demographic characteristics. ACORN covers every street in the United Kingdom and classifies the entire population in postal code level detail." [4] [5]

In 2005, CACI International bought National Security Research, Inc.. [1]

CACI's operations provide a fascinating example of the extent to which the tools and techniques used for military intelligence intermingle with high-level commercial information management.

CACI personnel at Abu Ghraib prison in April 2004

The diary of CACI interrogator Joe Ryan mentions the following people as being CACI employees at Abu Ghraib prison in April 2004. There are other persons mentioned in his diary who may also have been CACI employees, however he does not explicitly state this.

  • Christine Chaney - "She left the army last fall and was actually in the 202nd MI BN that we are working with here... She also was in Afghanistan last year with the 202nd and is a fluent Farsi and Pashto linguist in addition to being an experienced interrogator."
  • Berryl Jackson - "She is a retired Chief Warrant Officer 3. To show you what a small world it is, she was my interrogation instructor when I went through the school 13 years ago. BJ is from Costa Rica originally and is a real character."
  • "Wild" Bill Armstrong - " one of our interrogators. He and I are both in the Force Protection section... Politically, Bill makes Rush Limbaugh look like a flaming liberal by comparison. He is also leaving here after his R&R and will become the division cage site lead out in Fallujah."
  • Brent Jones - "He is the division cage team lead for CACI down at BIAP with the 1st Cavalry Division."
  • Steven Stephanowicz - "Scott Norman, Jeff Mouton, Steve Hattabaugh, Steve Stefanowicz, and I all took turns trying to hit balls over the back wall and onto the highway." Although not proven, it seems likely that this is the same as Stephen Stevanowicz, accused by the Taguba report as being "directly or indirectly responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib".
  • A list of work orders from the US government's $66.2 million contract with CACI for interrorgation services has been compiled by The Center for Public Integrity.

CACI's lobbyists

On June 1, 2004 Lisa Hayes from the lobbying company Clark & Weinstock registered with the U.S. Senate that they company had been hired by CACI International [6]. The four lobbyists listed on the account were Vic Fazio, Ed Kutler, David Herteau and Sandra Kaplan Stuart.

In a lobbying report filed in August 2004, Ric Fazio revealed that the company had earned $40,000 to the end of June 30 for "strategic planning and outreach work for ongoing defence issues" and "General Services Administration contract and policy issues". [7]

In July of 2007, in accordance with federal mandate, CACI disclosed Alcade & Fay has been hired as a lobbyist for the company. [8]

Lobbying Expenditures

Computers/Internet Industry
Year Amount Firm
2000 $80,000 Jones Walker ($40K); The Livingston Group ($40K)
2001 $80,000 Jones Walker ($40K); The Livingston Group ($40K)
2002 $80,000 Jones Walker ($40K); The Livingston Group ($40K)
2003 $80,000 Jones Walker ($40K); The Livingston Group ($40K)
2004 $90,000 PMA Group ($40K); Jones Walker ($20K); The Livingston Group ($20K); John G. Campbell ($10K)


CACI International
Year Amount Firm
2004 $220,000 Clark & Weinstock


Board of Directors

Former Board Directors

Corporate Executive Officers


Contact details

1100 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 841-7800
Fax: (703) 841-7882


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  1. "CACI completes acquisition of National Security Research", American Venture Magazine, October 17, 2005.

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