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Atlantic Council is a name used by various NATO countries, for example Atlantic Council of Canada, Atlantic Council of the United States, and Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom. The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom website says, "Each NATO member nation has a support organisation similar to the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom. Similarly, Partnership for Peace countries have formed Atlantic Clubs or Councils. Many of these are very active in promoting the benefits of NATO membership within their own country."[1]

Other NATO countries

Partnership for Peace countries

  • Albania, Albanian Atlantic Association
  • Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Atlantic Cooperation
  • Belarus, Belarusian Euro-Atlantic Association
  • Bulgaria, The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria
  • Macedonia, Euro-Atlantic Club of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Georgia, Georgian Association of Atlantic Collaboration
  • Lithuania, Lithuanian Atlantic Treaty Association
  • Romania, Euro-Atlantic Council
  • Russia, Association for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
  • Slovak Republic, Euroatlantic Centre
  • Slovenia, The Atlantic Council of Slovenia
  • Sweden, Swedish Atlantic Council
  • Ukraine, The Atlantic Council of Ukraine


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